How Important Is To Reduce Stress


We all encounter stress on a daily basis. And while stress is inevitable, it is recommended to reduce it to normal as increased stress is one of the most frequent causes for various disorders such as anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, hair loss, etc. Those who have thinning hair need to pay extra attention to their stress levels and minimize them as long-term stress can only worsen their condition. Of course, if your hair endures physical stress daily, such as improper care, use of harsh styling products and various styling gadgets, it will soon start to fall out. Some women are lucky enough to only end up with thinning hair. And clip in hair extensions are a perfect solution for this problem. However, others may face greater problems. Due to constant stress and bad hair care habits, in a short period pf time, these women may go from thinning hair to bald patches and may be forced to consider hair replacement. Thus it is extremely important to reduce stress. But what type of stress is bad for your hair?

This is an individual thing as what may be stressful for you may not be for someone else. But all things consider, stressing over being late to work or having too many errands to run will not cause hair loss. Increased falling of hair depends on the type of stress. For example, daily stress or being stressed for few days in a row will not cause hair loss. It takes a lot more than that. It’s the reinforced stress that triggers hair loss – something that immensely increases levels of stress hormones which lead to imbalance in your body such as irregular sleeping, lost of appetite, etc. Pregnancy, sudden illness, risky surgery, infection, strict diet, etc. are just few stress triggers that cause hair loss. Of course, emotional stress also falls under this category. And it may even be one of major culprits as to why you are searching for wigs online to camouflage your hair problem. If you recently went through a difficult divorce; or had a tough year trying to get pregnant; or are coping after a sudden death of a loved one, you’re probably not eating properly and do not sleep well which in a long run lead to hormonal imbalance which can cause hair loss.

So, now that we know why it is important to reduce stress, let’s see how you can achieve this and minimize your chances of having hair loss:

  • Manage Your Time Better – Running late to work, working extra hours in order to meet the deadline for your current project, etc. are just few things that increase levels of stress hormones. Therefore, organize your time and always start your day on time.
  • Be Physically Active – Recent studies have proved that regular exercise has positive effect on stress and helps minimize levels of stress hormones. Being physically active will boost your metabolism, lower blood pressure, ease muscle tension, etc.
  • Change Your Eating Habits – Being on a strict low-calorie diet regime is very stressful for your body. It is essential to increase the intake of nutrients and vitamins for proper body functioning. Eat as many fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken as these foods have high nutritional value.
  • Laugh More – Laughter is a miracle worker when it comes to reducing stress. Yes, it is hard to be happy when your life is a total mess, but it is worth to stop even if just for a moment and look at things from a different perspective. 

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