How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

You’ve probably seen a dental office advertising slogan ‘Healthy smile, Healthy you’, but how serious do you take it. Did you know that visiting your dentist regularly does not only help keep your teeth sparkling-white, but also help keep your overall health in top condition? How often do you visit your dentist? And do you know how often you should?

Dental clinic

While your dentist recommends to have your pearly whites checked every six months, your colleague goes three times a year and your best friend visits the dentist just once a year. So, how often do you really need to get a dental checkup?

According to dental clinic specialists, there is no ‘exact’ number of dental visits per year. Actually, how often you need to get a checkup will depend on the condition of your teeth. For example, people without decay problems should be fine with just one dental clinic visit a year. Those who are more prone to periodontal problems, may be required to visit a dental clinic every three to four months for regular checkups and cleaning.

Frequent cleanings can avoid the built-up of plaque. Plaque is known to encourage the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause periodontal or gum disease, an infection of the tissue that holds your teeth in place that if left unattended may cause your teeth to fall.

When it comes to kids, they need more frequent visits to the dental clinic. This is because permanent teeth have a tendency to decay soon after they’ve come out. So kids between six and eight years of age, need frequent checkups to ensure a health permanent teeth.

Timing of the dental clinic visits also depend on your dental insurance, if you have one. You may want to visit your dentist every six months, but your insurance coverage may be every nine months. When choosing a dental insurance company, ask the number of dental visits they allow.

Overall, there are numerous factors that determine how often you should visit a dental clinic. And there is no doubt that your dentist knows best how often your dental visits should be. He/she has the qualifications to evaluate your oral health and after few appointments will be able to find out how committed you are to taking care of your teeth.

It is important to mention, that even though your dentist help support your oral health, it is your responsibility to take proper care of your gums and teeth at home. Dentists are responsible for providing the right and timely treatment, but prevention is something that only you can do!