How To Apply Makeup The Right Way

Applying makeup is an everyday routine, however not all women do it the right way. Why? Simple. Because there are different makeup rules for day and for formal and evening makeup. It is not that difficult to learn the elementary steps of applying concealer and foundation, but you might need more time to learn different eye makeup techniques. To cover all your imperfections, and to get the confidence you need, follow the simple steps listed below.

How To Apply Makeup The Right Way

Step 1 – Before you actually start applying makeup on your face, make sure you clean your face entirely by washing it with water and cleanser in order to get rid of the grease and sweat that has piled up. Follow with a facial moisturizer to hydrate the dry skin and to easier apply the foundation.

Step 2 – Thanks to the concealer, you will be able to cover any imperfections like blemishes, under-eye circles or red patchy areas. In order to cover all face imperfections, you need to apply the concealer with a specific concealer brush or can tap it with your fingertips. Make sure the concealer is well blended on the edges to avoid any discolored marks or spots on the face.

Step 3 – For perfectly even skin and complexion, use either a liquid foundation or a stick. In order to get a natural look, the foundation needs to match the color of your face. Apply the foundation on the entire face and blend it towards your neck and earlobes to avoid any light or dark spots. If you have any stubborn blemishes, don’t be afraid to add extra foundation to cover all the imperfections on your face. If you want to get a sun kissed skin tone, mix the foundation that matches your skin tone with another one that is two or three shades darker.

Apply-MakeupStep 4 – For a long lasting makeup, use a fluffy brush to apply the powder foundation on your face. The powder will absorb the oil, and your face will not be greasy or shiny. This is especially recommended if you use liquid foundation, as it successfully holds the foundation and the concealer in place. When you are done with powdering your face, add blush to your cheekbones. However, don’t go over the top and use bright, berry shade that adds a little bit of color to your face.

Step 5 – Now, it’s time to highlight your eyes. First you need to apply a shimmery cream shadow as a base by using your pointer finger. With an eyeshadow brush, start applying the eyeshadow on the eyelid, from the inside to the outside corners of your eyes. If you want a more attractive look, then apply a darker shade in a ‘C’ shape at the corners of your lash line.

Step 6 – If you want to make your lash line looking fuller, then apply eyeliner in the same color as your lashes. Some people find it difficult to apply eyeliner. In order to make it easier, create a dotted line across the entire lash line and connect the line from the inside to the outside of the line. Complete your look with mascara using upward strokes.

Step 7 – The last step for a perfect makeup is to make your lips full and desirable. You need to match the color of the lip liner with the color of your lipstick. Sharpen your lip liner, and draw your natural lip line. Then apply the lipstick you have chosen by starting from the center to your natural lip lines. To avoid any lipstick marks on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and wipe out any excess color you might have.

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