How to Choose Dancewear for Your Daughter?

Girls dancing ballet


The fact that dancing isn’t a very expensive hobby, is just one of the things that make it the ideal pastime activity for your daughter. The only things you really need for dancing is your body and a desire to move to music and rhythm, or even in silence. Nevertheless, if you decide to take her to dance classes, you’ll need to invest in appropriate and quality dancing clothes and shoes – not only because most dancing schools have a dress code, but also for her comfort, and even her safety.

Dancing is one of the best activities you can choose for your kids. It activates the entire body, it’s good for both their physical and mental health and development, it helps develop motor skills, balance, coordination, and most importantly, it’s fun. It’s a great opportunity for a mutual hobby for you and your child if you are into dancing, and it certainly is one that they are likely to stick with. Dancing is also a great opportunity for kids to learn to work in groups, develop social skills, make new friends, as well as develop healthy competitive behaviour. It may even be the perfect start for a possible dancing carrier somewhere along the line.

So, if you’ve decided to introduce your child to the beautiful world of dance a little bit more seriously than swaying around in the living room, you should search for quality girls dance tops, bottoms, tutus, dance shoes, suitable for the classes and the type of dance she is going to learn. While dancing costumes and shoes have a decorative and aesthetical purpose, their primary function is to keep the dancer safe and comfortable during practice, or during a performance.

Different dancing styles involve different types of clothes and shoes. For instance, while hip-hop dancing may require some urban wear and sports shoes, ballet dancing requires leotards, tights or tutus, tap dance – tap shoes, and so on. This is why it’s important to choose the right clothing items and shoes for your child and learn how to take proper care of them, to make them last as long as possible.

Dancing Tops

Girls dance tops


There are many different types of tops for dancing, some suitable for any type of dance, others only for particular types, some for practice, others for public performances. Girls dance tops play an important role in dancing, and not only the usual role of everyday clothes. While fashion and dance are very intertwined throughout history, and the dressing styles play an important role in the history of dance, above all, dance tops are important for the comfort of your child – especially during dancing classes.

To choose the right dance top, whether that’s a dance tank top, a leotard or a T-shirt, it’s important to consider the dancing style. The top also needs to be chosen according to the style to ensure safety during dancing – even though, this is much more obvious when it comes to shoes. For instance, a loose t-shirt may cause safety issues during ballet, but it can be very appropriate for a hip-hop class.

Furthermore, make sure that the dancewear tops you choose for your daughter are made of quality materials that won’t irritate her skin. The material should also be soft, breathable and light. Your girl should have enough dance tops for every purpose she may need them. For instance, leotards are great for most dance styles. They come in different styles and designs and do not restrict the user’s movement. For some types of dances, especially for urban dancing styles, you may also get her cute t-shirts, pretty singlets, cool tank tops, etc.

Dancing Bottoms

Girl dance leggings


Choosing good bottoms for dancing is vital for many reasons, and above all for comfort. And while many types of bottoms can be suitable across different dancing styles, when it comes to dancing, especially during practice, nothing beats leggings. Leggings are comfy, look nice, are flexible and come in many different designs and styles.

Of course, for some styles, you may need to also buy other more specific types of bottoms, like jazz pants, a tutu, tights, etc. Like with tops, you should make sure that your child can move comfortably in their bottoms. For best comfort and for safety, make sure the material that the bottoms are made from is soft, flexible and breathable.

Dancing Shoes

Different dance shoes


Dancing shoes are a slightly different story. Most dance styles require different types of dance shoes, both for aesthetics and for safety. Shoes don’t only protect our feet from pain and injury, but they also protect our entire body. The right shoes will help your daughter keep her balance and learn the needed moves while comfortably moving. Make sure that you invest in good quality dance shoes according to the dancing style she practices. The dancing school will most likely suggest what kind of shoes your little dancer will need.