How to Choose the Best Camping Gear for Your Next Wilderness Escape

There is no clear definition on what exactly camping is. Yeah, spending time outdoors is the main part of it, but people do that in many different ways, from Bear Grylls style with just you and a pocket knife, to waking up in a tent with an espresso machine. Everyone has their own way of appreciating nature and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you respect nature and don’t leave a mess behind you. With that in mind, camping can be divided into four basic types and each requires different types of camping gear.


  • Campsite camping is one of the more popular choices. It includes paying for a pitch on a designated campsite for a certain period of time. You will have your own space and you will be surrounded by other campers. Campsites often have washrooms, showers and toilets and there are certain rules that need to be followed. This is the perfect option for a family holiday.
  • Festival camping may come in many variations depending on the location of the festival and the campsite. Usually you will need to get your gear from a parking lot to the camp site and sometimes this can be pretty far. Most festival campers go for smaller and cheaper tents that are easy to set up or share a large tent with a group of friends. Always check the festival website to see what kind of camping gear is allowed on the campsite and make sure your gear complies with those rules.
  • Wild camping is basically heading out camping in the wilderness, only taking with you what you can carry without weighing you down too much and setting up a camp at a non-sanctioned location. With wild camping you go for light-weight gear and only take the bare essentials. If you can’t carry something, you don’t need it.
  • Glamping or glamorous camping. This is mainly for people who are not fans of the idea of roughing it out in the wild and it is more of a luxurious take on the camping experience.

Anyway, to avoid the “should have brought” conversations, here is a short list of some essential camping gear that is often overlooked by campers.

  • The Pack Axe is an indispensable tool for any kind of outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s campers, hunters, backpackers, and so on. Having some compact chopping power in the wilderness comes in really handy.
  • Also you can’t go camping without a multi function tool. Some people don’t even leave their homes without one. A multi function tool includes pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, different blades, can opener, file, and so on.
  • The compass is another essential piece of camping gear, especially when wild camping. You can’t always rely on Google maps to navigate through the wild since it can often fail you. A compass will keep working as long as the Earth is spinning.
  • Fire is what first separated us from animals in the first place and it is best to have a reliable tool for staring a fire like a flint striker. Be sure that it works in any weather and any altitude and that it even works when it is wet.
  • Having some reliable light source in all conditions is also very important. You can have that with glow sticks that use chemi-luminescent technology. What’s also so great about them is that they are also a cool prop for raves and festivals.
  • Having a light-weight waterproof poncho means that you won’t be stuck in the tent whenever it rains and the weather is bad. The waterproof vinyl material will provide you with some mobility during harsh weather.