How to Choose the Best Drain for Your Bathroom Sink

No one could’ve said it better. While bedrooms are considered our sanctuary, sometimes even there we can’t have the needed privacy, so our bathroom becomes our confession room. Having this in mind, it would be a shame not to feel comfortable while in it. And truth be told, with a simple and few touch-ups, you can change its look entirely. The easiest and fastest way to change that without breaking the bank is by changing the sink and adding details like art prints, greenery and decorative boxes that can evoke a feeling of beauty and calmness inside of you. Here, everything should be zen and appealing, even the tiniest details, so you could cry, console and calm yourself all at once. And when feeling down, even a small detail like a wrong bathroom waste could make you feel more frustrated. So, even if everything feels right and the only problem is the insight bathroom waste, you should change it.

Exactly What Is Bathroom Waste?

A bathroom waste is a channel (passage) designed to enable water in the basin to pass through safely. So, it’s not strange that bathroom wastes can also go by the name bathroom drains. A great thing about them is that you can use drains for blocking the pipes on your sink, so you could fill it up with water. This is a great way to entirely clean the sink by soaking it in a cleaning solution or for cleaning some other products and tools.

Types of Bathroom Plug and Waste

Pop-Up Waste

It goes without saying that pop-up wastes are among the most popular and most commonly used types of wastes over the years. A pop-up bathroom grate is designed to elevate the bathroom look, by making the basin sophisticated and aesthetically appealing. In order to aid the look of the bathroom, even more, interior designers recommend matching its finish and colour with the look of the tap. These wastes use a waste lever, allowing you to push or pull it in order to raise or lower the stopper. Easy to use, these wastes are quite common and thanks to their modern design and finishes, they’re incredibly eye-catching.

Pop-Up Waste

Click Clack

Also known as a push button, clicker and sprung plug waste, click clacks are useful wastes that are quite similar to pop-up wastes. In order to use them, you just have to push down the stopper in order to close the click-clack and push again to open it. The main difference between these two is in the way in which the drainage plug is opened and closed. The pop-up waste operates the drainage with the help of a lever, while the click-clack doesn’t have any lever.

Click Clack Waste


The flip-top basin waste usually has a disc-shaped stopper that is designed to rotate and flip in order to reveal the drain or completely close it. Thanks to their modern, simple and sleek look, they are adored by many people.

Flip-Top Waste

Plug and Chain

As the name implies, this waste has a plug and chain that you can use according to your needs. This type of waste is one of the oldest and has been used for centuries, so it’s not strange seeing it in some households. However, if what you want is to invest in something more modern and sophisticated, you should certainly choose from one of the abovementioned plugs.


Some other Important Things You Need to Know

What Is a Basin Overflow?

This is a small hole that is located near the rim of the sink in order to enable water to drain away in case the sink gets full. The idea for having an overflow is to stop the sink from flooding in case you forget to close the tap. What you need to know is that not all bathroom basins have an overflow, so if this is something that matters to you, make sure to double-check before making the final purchase.

What to Choose – Slotted or Unslotted Basin Waste?

If you’ve chosen a sink with an overflow, then you’ll certainly need a slotted basin waste. In case you’ve chosen a sink that doesn’t have an overflow, then you should certainly install an unslotted basin waste that is watertight. That way, no water that has gone into the overflow will go back into the waste pipe. A slotted waste, on the other hand, allows overflow water to be drained, no matter if the drain is open or not. Choosing the wrong bathroom grate may cause irreplaceable damage to the sink, so before making any decision be sure to double-check everything.