How To Choose The Right Truck Mounted Crane

Over the years, many different types of cranes with different sizes and features have been used. One of the most successful and versatile of all types is the truck mounted crane. All truck mounted cranes for sale have high power-to-weight ratio, ability to fit and operate in very tight areas and secure an exceptional control over the load. Most of them feature a knuckle boom and their success and reputation in Australia relies on their safety use, efficiency, versatility, dependability, reliability and value. Since there are few types of truck mounted cranes for sale, to maximize the productivity on your job site, you need to choose the right one.


Large Truck Mounted Crane – These truck mounted cranes for sale are commonly used in Australia. They are operated by a radio remote control, and are most efficient for long-reach operations, as they have a boom with very little flex. Their maximum reach varies from 1 tons to over 3 tons at full height. When operating, the speed of movement needs to be steady, in order for the operator to get the job done most accurately. The boom of these cranes is mounted at the rear of the trucks, so their reach can be used to best benefit after backing into the job site.

Medium Truck Mounted Crane – The medium truck mounted cranes come with all advantages that the larger cranes have, but in a less expensive, lighter and shorter package. They are very fast and efficient machines, as they feature high capacity hydraulic systems. They also have a maximum lifting capacity of about 1.3 tons at full reach and they are best when matched with rigid booms. The booms are also more efficient when mounted at the rear of the trucks. These truck mounted cranes for sale offer great speed, efficiency and high capacity hydraulic systems.

Small Truck Mounted Crane – The small truck mounted cranes for sale are generally used for smaller applications, as they have a reach of about 10 meters. These cranes are mounted behind the cabin of the operator on a single axle truck. They are widely used in Australia, with thousands of units sold. However, the operator trainings should not be neglected, because the reach and capacity of these smaller cranes still require a specific set of skills and attention to safety.

A well selected truck mounted crane for sale will benefit your business for many years to come, so you need to make a good research and specify what you expect of a truck crane before you buy one. Specifying your needs and consulting with a reputable supplier of truck mounted cranes for sale will provide you with the most dependable, productive and cost-efficient truck mounted crane.