How To Choose The Right Warehouse Shelving Systems

When it comes to organizing and increasing your warehouse space, shelving systems are your best available option. These systems have the power to increase your storage space with the minimal expenses. Better organization means greater space and higher revenue. Thus, consider industrial shelving systems not only to get most out of your working area, but to improve your facility/business and increase productivity. Increased productivity equals higher profits.

Of course, although all industrial shelving systems serve the same purpose, not all offer the same benefits. Choosing the right shelving systems is very important, but it can be a little bit complicated. To ease your search, here’s a list of things you need to bare in mind when choosing the right shelving systems.


What You Intend to Store – The easiest way to determine the type of shelving system is to actually consider the products you want to store. Everything depends on what you plan to load onto the shelves. Whatever shelving systems you choose, bare in mind the size and the dimensions of the products. If you plan to store a variety of things, then make sure you measure the height, width and depth of all the items before you buy particular industrial shelving system.

Measure Up Your Storage Space – Measure, measure, measure. It is better to measure twice than getting a shelving system that does not fit the requirements of your warehouse. Keep an eye on radiators, pipes, lighting and other things as these can impact the final dimension calculation.

Plan the Shelving Layout – Now, comes the hard part. You need to visualize the space in order to identify any problems with the access. Planning the shelving layout will help you predict any possible problems or obstacles that might show up in the future. Sketch few plans, just to see which option is better. When you have the plan in front of you, you can easily see what can go wrong.

Consider the Weight Capacity – This is just another factor that affects the final decision. Before you make a decision, you need to consider the weight of the products you plan to store onto the shelving systems. If your business requires the storage of heavy products, tools and material, make sure you select the heavy-duty shelving systems that are capable of holding heavy loads.

The right shelving system will help organize your warehouse. Available in various sizes and styles, finding the system that will best work for your business requirements requires time and detailed planning. And a reputable source, of course.