How to Choose Whimsical Baby Room Wall Paper Both You and Your Baby Will Love

The arrival of a new member in the family is the most exciting experience. Preparing all those essentials and decorating the baby’s room are projects that furthermore enhance the excitement. However, arranging your baby’s room requires much more time than you may think. Having in mind that this will become the kingdom of your child, you do need to put a great effort into choosing the right furniture and décor elements.

When talking about walls, wallpapers always take the number one place. The choice of a baby room wall paper is not easy at all since there is a wide array of colours, designs, and patterns that will leave you breathless. Because you will probably find yourself wondering which one to choose, here is a simple guide on how to buy the right wallpaper that both you and your baby will love.

baby room wall paper

Wallpapers are available in few different types and each of them has its pros and cons. Because of this, it is of high importance to carefully go through all of them and make a wise decision.

  • Vinyl coated wallpaper comes with a decorative surface that is coated with PVC or acrylic vinyl what makes it a perfect choice not just for any room in your home, but also for areas with a lot of moisture and grease. Because you probably will add humidifier into the baby’s room, with this type of wallpaper you will be free from wear and tear for several years.
  • Coated fabric has a fabric substrate and the decorative surface is coated over the fabric with acrylic vinyl or PVC. This type of wallpaper is considered as more breathable compared to other types, but if you use it for your nursery’s room, you should limit the usage of the humidifier as the wallpaper will become damaged with time.
  • Solid vinyl uses a vinyl film and is the toughest type of wallpaper. If you are looking for a baby room wall paper that will last for several years and withstand all the wear and tear, this is the right choice for you. The best part is that this wallpaper can be washed as much as necessary.
  • Paper is a less durable type of wallpaper since it comes without any kind of coating. This means it can be damaged easily and that is why is not used very often.

You will probably spend most of the time choosing the style rather than choosing the type of wallpaper. Therefore, here are some of the most trending styles nowadays.

  • Bright colours and shapes – The baby is too small to tell you what he likes, but it is well known that babies are able to discern bring colours, patterns, and shapes. It is a good choice to opt for a wallpaper with primary colours and basic shapes since these patterns and designs are the best stimulator for the baby’s brain.
  • Cartoon – If you want to incorporate some cartoon character in your nursery’s room, make sure you select something appropriate. For example a duck wallpaper is fun for a baby but not for a 7-year-old kid. Also, consider the other décor in the room. Not only that cartoon themes are fun, but they can also be very stimulating. However, be careful as not to overdo it, let balance and simplicity be your guide.
  • Murals – This is yet another great and very popular option for wall décor. Applying a wallpaper mural is much easier and cheaper than hiring a professional painter and it really does look amazing.