How To Clean Your Gas Cooktop With Just Soap And Water

Kitchen, although a center of a home, for many it is also the most dreaded room when it comes to cleaning. Let’s face it, you need to hard clean your kitchen at least once a week, especially the cooktop.

A clean gas cooktop not only looks better, but performs better too. Well maintained kitchen cooktops make cooking easier, increase efficiency and also last longer. When you let grease and grime buildup on your cooktop, the holes in the burners can get clogged and this will result in a weak flame. In addition, a clean cooktop ensures a healthier kitchen since it will prevent the spread of bacteria.


Although there are many special cleaning products designed to make kitchen cooktops cleaning easier, one of the most efficient ways to get shiny results is to clean your cooktop with just soap and water.

Clean Your Gas Cooktop

All you need to use is:

  • Dish soap
  • A sponge
  • A scrub brush
  • A cleaning towel



1. Remove the grates and knobs, if possible.

2. Soak the knobs in soapy water while you wipe down the cooktop.

3. Put a little bit of liquid detergent onto a sponge. Get it wet, and then squeeze out most of the water.

4. Wipe and scrub the spilled sauces and grease splatters away. Use more detergent if necessary. Don’t worry about soapy residue. This step is necessary for loosening all the dirt.

5. Rinse your sponge until the water runs clear. Make sure there is no greasy water.

6. Wipe away the soap. Rinse the sponge as many times you need, so you’re left with a clean surface.

7. With a clean, dry kitchen towel, buff away the water streaks. If your gas cooktop is made of stainless steel material, wipe in the direction of the grain.

8. Buff the shiny surfaces until they are streak-free. Make sure to get all the water out of the corners.

9. To clean the grates, use a soapy scrub brush. Wash them in the sink, rinse and let dry completely.

10. Take the knobs that have been soaking and scrub the grease off of them. Rinse and let dry completely.

11. Put back the knobs and grates on the gas cooktop when dry, and you’re done!

Note: Consult your gas cooktop instruction manual or contact the manufacture directly in case you need guidance to remove or install any parts of your cooktop for cleaning.