How to Create a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

Babies grow up really fast. So fast, it might catch you off guard. One minute they’re babbling in their cribs, innocently playing with their squeaky toys, and the next one they’re hanging posters of Justin Beiber. You cradle them, nurse them, love them, and they do this to you? Oh, the audacity! Luckily, it’s possible that your kid will eventually outgrow the Justin Beiber phase. But the thing you wouldn’t definitely want him/her to grow out of is the childrens bedroom. That is, unless you’re a Rockefeller and can afford to redecorate every couple of years.

If otherwise, I am sorry. But keep reading. With the help of these following tips, you can create a bedroom setting that will stay current until your baby leaves for college.


Pick a Neutral Colour Palette

No, this does not mean that you should colour the whole room pastel or white. On the contrary, a classic colour palette gives you freedom to introduce bold colours. Choosing furniture for the childrens bedroom that mainly consists of earthy, natural tones allows you to show off some playfulness with colourful bed linens, pillows, curtains and other small décor items. Consider this type of neutral backdrop as a blank canvas on which you can implement all sorts of themes. However, be careful. Stick to two or three bold colours and do not overflood the room with contrasting hues. After all, a childrens bedroom should be a soothing and productive environment.

A “Little” Bed that Grows

Of course, we can’t be talking about bedrooms, and not tackle the bed issue. You might not want to buy an adult sized bed from the start and waste valuable playing space. And a small bed means that you’ll have to replace it eventually. Considering this, an extendable bed can be just right. This type of bed looks exactly like a small children’s bed at first glance, however it consists of convertible bed frames that can transform it into a bigger one while your child grows. This way, the child can use the same bed for a longer period of time, and have it perfectly adapted to his size.

Get Creative with Storage Solutions

If there’s one room of the home that will have plenty of clutter, it’s definitely the childrens bedroom. Instead of getting toy baskets, why not choose a more age-flexible solution from the start? For instance, cute wicker baskets can be a quick hiding spot for toys, and when your baby grows up they can be reused for storing school utensils, clean socks, or make-up for the girls. You can also get a bookshelf while your child is still young and use it for displaying dolls, toys, photos, and other cute baby things. A trundle bed with storage or a console table can also help organize things for years to come.