How to Create a Charming Hallway that Will Stop Guests in Their Tracks

The hallway. The most frequently used room in the home, and yet, the most underrated one. While you can simply shut the door to a messy living room or kitchen, if there’s anything you can’t hide from your guests – it’s the hallway. As it’s usually the first and the last impression one will have from your home – the design just has to impress. With that being said, here are some ways you can turn your hallway into the stylish expression it was always meant to be.

Hall Furniture

Harness the Power of White

The biggest problem with hallways is that they are usually small and tight spaces which can easily become overwhelmed by furniture. However, there’s a little trick when it comes to decorating any small space – the more white you include, the wider it will seem. With that being said, keeping your walls white and picking hall furniture in a white or cream colour can help you visually enhance the space and give it more depth. Moreover, since hallways usually suffer from a lack of light, the inclusion of white can be the much-needed breath of fresh air to lighten them up.

Put Everything in Its Place

Whether you choose to decorate your hallway in a Scandinavian, French provincial, or Coastal manner – every decorating style has its own appeal, so don’t worry whether something is trendy or not. But you know what’s not stylish at all? – An over-cluttered hallway with jackets, mail and random things on the floor. You have to place some strict rules of organization or it will never look good. Look for a functional console table or hall tree and unit for keeping your knick-knacks at bay. If you can’t find the space to fit such hall furniture, turn to other alternatives such as wall mounted racks, woven baskets, boxes and bins to neatly organize your belongings.

Mirror, Mirror in the Hall

There’s no doubt that every hallway should include a large mirror. After all, you don’t want to risk walking out the door with a smeared lipstick or poppy seeds stuck between your teeth? A mirror will not only help you do a final check where you think “Damn, I look good!”, but it also makes the space itself look good too. Just like white walls and hall furniture, mirrors also help make the space feel larger.

Personalize It

Last but not least, don’t forget to use tasteful décor as the cherry on top of your functional and neat hallway arrangement. While it’s true that the hallway should impress your guests, it’s you who will be using it on a daily basis so make sure you transform it into something you’ll love looking at. The best way to do so is to use some personal décor. Whether it’s stacks of your favourite books perched on top of the console table, a collection of family photos arranged as wall art, or ornaments collected from your holiday trips – there are plenty of ways to finalize the look of your hallway with a personal touch. What’s more, these décor pieces have some meaning to them which can certainly stir up interesting conversations with your guests.