How To Find Tractors That Fit Your Needs

How To Find Tractors That Fit Your Needs

Whether you have a small garden or a large farm that needs to be cultivated, it is very important for you to find the appropriate tractor that will match all your farming needs and tasks. This is important because a tractor can significantly affect your productivity, time you spend on the field and amount of labor you put in completing tasks. Therefore, before buying a tractor you need to consider several important factors like type, model, engine power, etc. Here’s how to find the tractor that will best fit your needs.


Sub Compact Tractors are the smallest tractors ideal for cultivating small, medium to large garden. Usually they have less than 30 horsepower.

Compact Tractors – Compact tractors are perfect for large sized gardens or easier construction projects and their horsepower is raging from 30 – 50.

Utility Tractors – Utility or compact utility tractors (CUTs) are compact/small versions of agriculture tractors. Their horsepower ranges from 50 – 140 making them perfect for landscaping and large sized properties.

Row Crop Tractors – These tractors are commercial agriculture tractors created for cultivating larger fields. Their horsepower ranges from 140 to 600 depending on the model.


Aspiration Type

This indicates if the tractor is normally aspirated or if it is turbocharged. Turbocharged or turbo-diesel engines are generally more efficient, produce more torque and are more expensive than a similar model with aspirated engine.

Maximum Speed

When buying a tractor, remember that the most intense and heavy tasks will not be performed at full speed. Another thing you must remember is that, in order for the tractor to go faster, greater power should be provided to the wheels, which will certainly leave less power for running an implement on the power take off.

Power (Gross)

Power (Gross) is the amount of generated power at the crankshaft of the engine. Because of drivetrain loss, very little of Gross power will be provided to the wheels or to the power implement. Therefore, when comparing tractors consider this this factor when determining which tractor to choose.

Transmission Type

When choosing the right tractor consider the transmission type too. There are 2 transmission types in modern tractors – hydrostatic transmission and gear (mechanical) transmission. Gear transmission tractors are easier to operate and do not always require good operating skills. Hydrostatic transmission tractors use fluid and give variable wheel speed.

These are one of the most important factors you need to consider when buying a tractor. Nowadays, there are many online stores where you can find reliable and branded tractors for sale for an affordable price. The only thing you need to do, is to browse on the Internet and find the best tractors for sale deals. Most online stores that offer tractors for sale in Australia give you the ability to compare various tractor models. If you are not competent in this research, contact the support team from a particular online store and ask for help. Depending on your needs and requirements, they will tell you which of the many tractor models and types is the best for you.

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