How To Get a Mortgage Despite Your Bad Credit Rating

The many Australians who are currently dealing with bad credit aren’t necessarily reckless or “bad people”. As much as we like to think we are not one of “those” people, it’s incredibly easy to fall into bad credit. Just one unfortunate event like divorce, business failure or loss of job can trigger a financial domino. You can miss one payment on a bill or credit card or experience any kind of debt and be slapped with a bad mark on your credit file permanently. And the worst thing? You might already have a bad credit record and not even know it until you get turned down for a home loan.

Bad Credit Mortgage

This is simply not fair, especially nowadays with regular financial crises that result in more and more people in need to take out a loan in order to purchase a place to live. But while major banks and creditors are likely to decline your application, there are some flexible and specialised lenders that can accept you for a bad credit mortgage.

These type of companies offer specialised loan suits for borrowers with impaired credit caused by paid or unpaid defaults, overdue tax accounts, bankruptcy history, mortgage arrears and minimal deposit bases. You can use a bad credit mortgage as a solution not only to buying a new home, but also for refinancing a current loan.

But before you apply for a mortgage with impaired credit, there are a few steps you can take to simplify the whole process. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it all by yourself. There are experienced mortgage advisers that can help you with the following.

Credit report review

Take out a copy of your current credit report and have it examined by a mortgage advisor. They will assess your situation and discuss which lenders are most likely to accept your application so that you have bigger chances of receiving a positive response.

Bad Credit Mortgage Appraisal

But don’t go sending out your applications just yet. Ask the advisor to provide you with a loan proposal based on his review. This means becoming informed about what your bad credit mortgage repayment options are and the fees that a loan repayment would require.


Once you have successfully finished the first two steps including resolving any ambiguities about the whole process, you can begin to assemble all the necessary application forms and additional documents. A detailed and immaculate bad credit loan proposal will not only result with a faster response, but might also further your chances of becoming accepted. Now you are one step closer to becoming the owner of your very own property.