How to Give Your Bedroom a Dramatic Makeover

One of the rooms where you spend most of your time relaxing and sleeping is your bedroom. But lately, you feel like something’s missing, and you’re tired of waking up to the same dull bedroom style every morning. You want to change something but don’t know where to start and ask yourself, ” How can I make over my bedroom?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of design schemes you can try such as coastal, Scandinavian, romantic, bohemian, etc, but if you ask me, the secret to a stunning bedroom lies in nailing a few key elements such as the headboard, vanity, curtains, mirror and rug. Before saying anything else, let’s explore in detail everything you need for your new bedroom transformation. 

Elevate Your Bedroom Style with a New Headboard

The first thing you need to focus on is your bed’s headboard, one of the main focal points in this room. But what is the point of a headboard, can’t a bedroom function without one? 

The bed headboard is practical and aesthetical. It provides support, especially when you wake up and want to lean your back on the headboard or maybe watch a movie.  Another important thing is that it helps pillows stay in place and not fall off the bed. If you move a lot during your sleep, they can easily slip and fall behind the bed without any barrier. Nonetheless, it can make a dramatic focal point, especially if you go for a bold yellow, green, blue, black headboard style, and others. 


If you see that yours is outdated, worn out, or faded, then it screams for a change. If you are still not ready to let go, you can try and upholster your current bedboard. On the other hand, if you need to buy a new one, you can look for a wooden, metal, or leather headboard. You can go for a bold black bed head for an elegant and modern style, or maybe choose a velvet one for a regal atmosphere.

Nowadays, there are many modern headboards you can choose from, but if you are still indecisive about the colour, why not get a black bed head with a slipcover? The black colour is a bold decision that brings an instantaneous elegance to the room. It can change the whole ambient in the bedroom, immediately catching your eye. 

For example, the walls with brighter colours can pop up in just seconds accompanied by your lighter bed sheets, whether they are bamboo, cotton, or polyester, by adding a striking contrast. What’s more, if you are into black and white bedroom decor, this modern black headboard will instantly blend in the background for a smooth look. 

What happens when you want to switch to lighter colours during the warmer months, though? You can simply pull out another slipcover in a different colour, and voilà the whole room radiates with new energy. Not to mention that it is a lifesaver when it comes time to clean it. 

Update Windows by Replacing Old Curtains

Does your bedroom get enough sunlight every day? Are your current curtains stylish in good condition without being torn? If the answers are no, then it’s time for an upgrade. You want to use natural light as much as possible since many studies have shown that direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight reduces and kills bacteria growth. Also, sunlight is crucial for your health, immunity, energy level, and so on. 

The best option is to replace any dark-coloured bedroom curtains that are no longer in good shape, especially if you have small windows. Try looking for flowy sheer curtains for a bright and elegant look. You can choose from many materials such as cotton, polyester, silk, lace, linen, and others. However, the sheer lace curtains can fit better in bohemian romantic style. If you are worried that everyone will see you once it darkens and you turn on the light, then semi-sheer curtains are a better choice. Of course, it depends on you and the new design.

Fancy Full-Length Mirrors for an Elegant Look

bedroom mirror

If you feel that your mirror is outdated or standing out with the new decor, you can always look for a new one. A mirror is crucial for your appearance whenever you step out the door, do your makeup or try an outfit. And even though there are many sizes, if you want to see yourself fully, a floor mirror is the one for you. However, it can do much more than reflect an image of yourself. 

The full-length mirrors are one of the most important decorative elements in your bedroom and can add brightness in no time. However, there are different ways to position them in a room. Some full-length mirrors must be hung on the walls, while others do not. You can even hang the large mirror by yourself using a laser level to make it even. Other mirrors lack support, so they have to be leaning against the wall. There are also different shapes to suit your preferences, such as the oval, arch, and rectangular. 

Finally, the most exciting part is choosing which of the many designs to incorporate into your makeover. You can get an LED wall vanity mirror to add brightness and elegance to your modern look. You can also look into bohemian, elegant, glass-framed mirrors, etc. 

New Rug for a New Dramatic Look 

A rug can make a bedroom much more inviting and warm. It protects you from the cold floor and minimizes the noise created by your steps when walking on hard surfaces. That is why a new one is needed once the old one becomes outdated or worn out. 

You can choose cozy rugs such as wool shag, tufted, silk wool, and oriental rugs with neutral and warm neutral colours: ivory, grey, cream, metallic gold, etc. Many wool shag rugs are popular because they are soft and durable. They have dense piles of appealing long strands, and you don’t need to wear slippers to feel comfortable, warm, and cozy. However, you can get some vibrant and dramatic rugs with abstract and colourful designs. To sum up, even though makeovers can be stressful, it all pays off at the end when you see the finished look you’ve created. You can finally fall into bed happy with the work you’ve done.