How To Maintain Your Car’s Interior


Other people may admire the polished look of your car, but if interior is not maintained properly, your driving experience will surely be diminished. After all, you spend all of your driving time inside of the car. Thus, when it comes to comfort, the interior is one that’s relevant – it’s what’s inside that counts. Depending on how often you use your vehicle, the interior may need more frequent touch-ups than you think. The inside area of your car is a relatively small space, but it is the little mess that has the big impact. Maintain your car’s interior with weekend cleaning and daily decluttering. A little time spent cleaning regularly, will save you from monthly, hours-long super cleaning that may even take most of your weekend schedule.

Daily Tasks – No need for some detailed cleaning – simply throw away any garbage you may have and clean the windshield.

Weekly TasksUsing a microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe off the dust from all hard surfaces. The microfiber cloth will collect any accumulated dust and food crumbs. If you have a pet, collect all pet hair with a brush. This will take about 15 minutes of your time and the results are unbelievable clean interior. Floor mats probably bear a huge burden, so shake them first to remove dirt and then vacuum them. It is advisable to wash them as well. No need to purchase special detergent, just use a dishwashing liquid, scrub a bit and pass them through water. Also, do not forget to vacuum car seat covers sets. They protect the original car’s upholstery, but that does not mean they do not need to be maintained.

Monthly TasksGive your interior a thorough cleaning once a month. Make it a habit and you will not have a problem with stubborn stains or unbearable odors. Dust and vacuum interior, wash all the windows paying special attention to windshield, side mirrors, any compartments and trunk. Also, now is the time to wash your car seat covers. Depending on what type of seat covers you have, cleaning procedure may vary. Read the label for recommended cleaning tips. Certain seat covers may require special attention. For example, if you have sheepskin seat covers sets, follow this cleaning procedure:

  1. Brush the wool with coarse metal brush
  2. Vacuum the covers thoroughly
  3. Remove the covers and shake them well
  4. Hand wash the covers in luke warm water using detergent designed for wool materials
  5. Rinse good and remove excess water
  6. If your washer features ‘hand washing’ option, you do not need to wash your sheepskin seat coverson hands
  7. Let it dry, but make sure they are not exposed to direct sun
  8. Once dry, brush covers with coarse metal brush to restore original look

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