How to make cubby house


Imagine the joy on kids’ faces when you tell them they have their own little house to play in. The reaction is priceless! A new kids cubby house only for them! In this article you’ll learn that even small cubby house can have inviting interior and striking exterior details using own imagination and cubby houses kits. With few tools you’ll be able to make not only beautiful but also functional playhouse for your children.

The exterior of the house should have an interesting and unique look which can be achieved with few small details like lights, windows, few flower pots placed on front windows, kids outdoor play toys and perfect choice of children’s favorite colors. Complete the interior with small kitchen, set of table and chairs, some of their framed art work, bed and various toys. If your budget allows, build a two story cubby house with either inside or outside stairway.

Before you start building cute cubby kids house, consider its location. Keep in mind that your children will spend most of their play time in their cubby house, so its location is very important. Make sure it’s in the most convenient part of your backyard and that you have a clear view of it even when in the house. Your kids safety is of great importance so be sure to never leave them unattended and out of sight.


Once you’ve decided on the location, you can start building the floor frame. The foundation is one of the most important elements of stable and safe kid cubby house construction and thus allows very little room for errors. Measure twice before you begin the construction. Check every centimeter and every hole in order for everything to be in line and balanced.

The next step is building outer walls and roof frame. Ask for little help from your partner or close friend if needed. Once the walls and roof are done, you can move to constructing windows and door. Complete with few accenting details such as interesting door knob, colorful window blinds, etc. The following step is painting. Remember, cubby house is for your kids thus choose a color they prefer no matter if it stands out from the background. In case you have a boy and a girl, pick either neutral color or make it even more fun with two different colors. To add extra details, you can, if good in drawing, draw kids’ favorite cartoon characters on the outer walls. The exterior and interior details are very important for added comfort. Make sure you leave interior designing to your kids as they would be the ones to enjoy their own cubby house. Building little cubby houses for kids is an amazing, fun and extraordinary thing to do for your little ones. Children will surely appreciate this and will be grateful and happy.

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