Party Alfresco: How to Make Outdoor Entertaining a Breeze

It’s not an exaggeration to say we Aussies have respect towards nature in our genes. It goes a long way, all the way back to our descendants who learnt how to live day by day, maintaining a relationship with nature. Though centuries later a great deal has changed, and now we have lives simplified by technology, nothing much has changed when it comes to our relationship with the grand outdoors.

This goes to show why we love outdoor parties so much, no matter the season! This post is dedicated to making outdoor entertaining easier for you, so you could have more time to actually enjoy and prove how great of a host you are. So where to start?

Any party gets better with drinks – any meal is better with wine, and beer, no need to elaborate on this further (giggles), so in relation to this you’d make the most of keeping a cooler nearby. Knowing how Australian weather can be, you need something made for the conditions, and is tropical rated, as the Husky wine coolers that were created to withstand the high humidity.

wine fridge

On the plus side as well, coolers like this have heated glass doors, to stop condensation, are lockable, have low noise level (45Dba), auto defrost, and don’t waste much energy. You’d love the Husky wine coolers also for the capacity they have, up to 190 litres, and the adjustable shelves. Pair up the cooler with a bar cart equipped with all the drink essentials (glasses, shakers, ice) and your party is a success! Owning one would give you the ease to serve up drinks while staying in the company of your guests – no trips to the house needed!

Sure, the right choice of furniture is just as essential, but along with the proper sized tabled, and the adequate number of chairs, I’d point out comfort should be your priority. This means you have to pile up on cushions as much as you can because as long as the chairs are comfortable, you can count on guests sticking around longer.

You can use indoor furniture as well, to extend the comfort outdoors. How does a sofa sound? If there’s no room for one, get a lounge, or even a hammock – relaxation would be guaranteed. Having in mind it’s the outdoors, after all, don’t forget to plan out strategically to have the right amount of shelter to keep the scorching sun, and summer rains away from disrupting your outdoor party meals.