How to Make the Most of Dental Chews for both Your and Your Dog’s Sake

If you have just welcomed a four-legged friend into your home, I am sure you’re aware that along with all that goofiness and cuteness that makes you feel like you’re walking on sunshine when you snuggle or play together, there are also some inevitable annoyances. That being said, here’s how dental dog chews can help you solve some of them.


Bad Breath

As cute as dogs can be, their breath doesn’t smell like flowers and while most of the time you won’t mind or it won’t be so bad, with just one dental dog chew per day, you can help your dog get rid of the remains of food stuck in between his teeth. It’s kind of like your flossing routine. Apart from making sure your dog’s breath smells better, this can also prevent swollen, bleeding, or irritated gums. If you notice that your dog chews through the edible treats too quickly, he might not be getting all of the cleaning benefits, in which case, you should opt for dental chews for dogs that are firmer and harder to chew, like a braided bully stick for instance.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs can be real emos sometimes, especially within the first year while they are still not 100% sure that you’ll come back when you leave your home and leave them inside. This can result in whining, barking or nervous tail chewing. Having something to distract them from all of these unhealthy habits can give both you and your neighbours a piece of mind. Most importantly, puppy dental chews can help soothe your dog, keep him occupied and after a while, he will start to associate it just having to wait a short period of time until you two are together again.

Picky Days

Just like us, dogs lose their appetite too from time to time. Sometimes it just means that they are a bit bored with the food they’ve been eating for a while now. With the help of edible treats which come in many different flavours, you can make a little investigation on what’s your dog’s prefered type of meat (or combination of different meats) for that particular period and then buy kibble made from it in bigger quantity. Also, by adding these treats to your dog’s diet, you are also adding to their protein intake so even on days when your dog is acting really picky about food, you’ll know that he’s had something to eat cause no dog can say no to treats.

Finally, it’s important to note that while your dog will probably find all types of dental chews tasty, not all of them are healthy. So, it is up to you to make sure you get him all natural and hypoallergenic ones.