How To Match The Right Asphalt Compactors To The Job

The asphalt compactors are generally used when asphalt pavements and roadways need to be compacted. These machines are included in almost every road or pavement construction project for achieving the desired density level and perfect surface smoothness. Different asphalt compactors can be found on the market from different manufacturers. Every model has own unique specifications and configurations. But meeting the desired level of density or smoothness can be a real challenge, especially if wrong asphalt compactors are selected for the job.


Asphalt compactor must be highly effective in order to simplify the entire operation, and at the same time provide increased versatility so that different kinds of compaction tasks can be completed. Having the right asphalt compactors and understanding their capability can help you a lot in meeting your performance requirements. By matching the right asphalt compactor to your job, you can save valuable time and money. Here are the elements you should consider when selecting the asphalt compactor for the job.

Vibratory Force. Selecting the asphalt compactor with the right vibratory force and frequency is essential for successful asphalt compaction. Many asphalt compactors come with specially designed vibratory compaction systems with dual frequencies and amplitudes. Increased vibratory versatility and knowledge how to best use the asphalt compactor are fundamental and crucial of any compaction job.

Maneuverability And Superior Finish. Increased maneuverability and ability to deal with corners is a major challenge for all asphalt compactors. Reduced maneuverability on the asphalt mat often results in tearing or damaging the asphalt surface. Therefore, you should always look for asphalt compactors that are capable of making tight turns on the surface for more superior finish.

Drum Width. The selection of the asphalt compactor is based on the size of the roadway and the width of the pavement. The width of the drums depends on the nature and size of your project. Normally, for small sized projects that involve compaction of small asphalt areas, an asphalt compactor with smaller drum width is the best choice. Compactor with larger drum width is required for larger areas.

Water Systems. Keeping the drum wet is another key consideration when searching for the right asphalt compactor. You should always look for asphalt compactor that comes with an effective water spray system for efficient asphalt compaction. Such water systems prevent the asphalt material from sticking to the drum. Efficient water systems in asphalt compactors provide triple water filtration and sufficient water flow for superior performance.

There is a good and a bad asphalt compaction. A good asphalt compaction requires asphalt compactors with the right drum diameter, drum width, vibratory force, etc. Asphalt compactors with such features will prevent damages and maximize the compaction performance.

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