How to Operate a Mini Excavator

People consider the large excavators as more efficient and more powerful, but with the advanced technologies and features nowadays, the mini excavators are improved and they can do everything what the large excavators can. Until recently, the mini excavators were considered as big toys. But today, they are heavily used because they provide some advantages over the typical excavators. For example, the mini excavators can easily move from one job site to another, which is impossible with the large excavators. Lightweight and versatile, mini excavators are very efficient for lighter tasks and can be used on a regular basis. However, they are also specific for operating. Here few tips on how to operate a mini 3 tonne excavator:


Get A Certificate – To get a certificate, you need to complete a course/training for operating an excavator. There is no specific training for a mini excavators, because in terms of operating they are very similar with the large excavators. Getting a certificate ensures that you know how to properly operate and set up a 3 tonne excavator for a variety of circumstances.

Have Your Excavator Delivered Safely – The biggest advantage of the mini 3 tonne excavator is that it can be towed on a purpose vehicle and easily delivered on the job site. If you plan to do this on your own, make sure to check whether the gross weight of the mini excavator exceeds the capacity of the purpose vehicle.

Land It On Flat Surface – Most 3 tonne excavator models come on stable tracks, but when landing it, they can easily tip over. In order to avoid such scenario, find a firm and flat ground to land your mini excavator safely.

Perform Daily Inspections – Before any operation, you need to walk around the excavator in order to see if there are any loose or damaged parts that may interrupt the operation. Damaged tracks, oil leaks and loose cables are some of the most common problems.

Always Use The Manual – It is recommended to work according to the mini excavator manual, because the included capacities are tested by the manufacturer. Also, the manual explains every control and its function. The manuals from different manufacturers are not the same, so it is important to have the right manual for your 3 tonne excavator model.