How to Pick the Bar Stools perfect for casual dining and mingling with friends

As far as kitchen accessories go, barstools are one of my favourites. There are just so many reasons why you shouldn’t imagine a kitchen area without them. For one, they provide a smart seating solution for having a quick bite or a casual drink either with friends or on your own. They also allow for others to keep us company while we spend hours on cooking up an elaborate meal. And perhaps most importantly, barstools present the perfect opportunity to let some style shine through in an area that’s mostly focused on function. By taking into account a few important factors, you can easily find the barstools best suited for your kitchen space, as well as your personality.


First of all, consider the different types of barstools. If you’re planning to use the stools for quick kitchen stops and desire a minimalistic look, a backless set is useful and unobtrusive. On the other hand, if you enjoy having longer meals on the counter or extended conversations over drinks, you might want to pick a set that has a backrest for extra comfort. Swivel barstools will allow you freedom of movement, and prevent flooring scratches that can occur when you move stationary stools. Adjustable barstools can be modified according to an individual’s height for guaranteed comfort. Whatever your preferences are, there’s no shortage on the many types of stools Australia furniture stores offer.

But let’s be honest, barstools are not just simply tall chairs. With the myriad of styles, they can be the attention-grabber a kitchen so much needs. Looking for style inspiration? Why not spice your kitchen game up with some of the stools Australia bars love so much? Lately, I’m seeing industrial bar stools all around, whether it’s a down-town pub or a chic up-scale restaurant. This style features a blend of materials that fits perfectly in a variety of settings – the raw, wooden seat brings the rustic, while the metal legs bring the contemporary and urban. If you’re not ready to embrace industrial, there are also a lot of barstools with calmer influences such as Hamptons, Scandinavian or French Provincial.

Of course, there’s also the issue of height. You wouldn’t want a set that’s either too low or too high for your counter. The perfect barstool formula says that you should take the counter height minus 25 – 30 cm which should account for the right amount of leg space. For instance, a 75 cm stool is ideal for the standard counter or a table as high as 100 cm. Also, make sure that your feet can touch the ground when seated, and if that’s not possible look for a set with convenient footrests.

Don’t hesitate to include some barstools in your regular kitchen setting. With this simple addition you can transform a plain counter into an instant bar, instant appetizer corner and an instant welcome!