How to Transport Livestock


Transporting animals from farms and ranches to other locations is more difficult than you might think. It may sound simple, but transporting livestock is not like transporting a group of students by bus for a cross-country trip. With livestock, you need to poke them and guide them with various gestures and mimics into the transportation vehicle. Furthermore, the transportation process is very stressful for the livestock, so you should be very careful when it comes to transporting livestock.

Most farm owners use special transportation vehicles for the livestock. The livestock trailers are the most common transportation vehicles for safe and efficient livestock transport. These trailers are completely different from all other trailers on the market, because they are specifically designed for transportation of live animals .

There are different trailer models which are used for hauling livestock, and they differ depending on the animal species that need to be transported. The livestock trailers must be large enough to house a variety of animals, but not to large to break down the road regulations. A typical livestock trailer is enclosed, has a non-slip flooring which is resistant to heavy impacts, and eye-level openings to allow ventilation for the animals because a lack of air can suffocate the livestock.

Animals usually panic when need to be transported from one place to another. The livestock trailers create a comfortable environment for the animals, minimizing in this way their fear. It is suggested to load the animals as slowly as possible in order to keep them quiet and calm during the transportation. Once an animal gets upset, it would take you about half an hour to calm it down and load it into the livestock trailer. Even if you are in hurry, approach the animals gently and don’t rush if you want to prevent delays.

When transporting livestock with livestock trailers, you must stay alert all the time, and have a second plan in case the situation back there gets out of control. If you are mixing few different animals species, be prepared to face big problems on your way. Think twice if you want to avoid problems. When using livestock trailers, it is important to ensure that the animals are protected from each other on the road.