How To Wear A Faux Fur Vest In Style

When worn right, faux fur vests can dress up any outfit. From casual to ultra chic attire, there is a faux fur vests women style for every outfit, every look, every personality. Although to wear a faux fur vest takes some real fashion guts, if you wear it to a T, you will embody all the glory of fashion and chic street-style trends. To help you be fashion forward, follow these simple rules and wear a faux fur vest in style.


Biceps Are Not In Fashion

Remember, NEVER ever wear faux fur vest under a jacket or coat. No matter how tempted you may be. It’s just not right. The greatest thing about faux fur vests is that they can make your arms look smaller. If you want biceps, use weights not your vest. Wear the vest over a tee or a blouse and even if your arms aren’t runway skinny, they will look so next to the chunky faux fur vest.

Petite Tip-Off

If you are petite, give preference to vests that are not too long. The ones that are hip-bone long will make your legs look longer. Do not forget the size of the armholes since the smaller the openings, the sleeker the look. Also, consider the scale of the vest. Since most of the faux fur vests women models are cut on the boxy side, they can make your small frame look even smaller. Your best option is a model that is slightly fitted.

Long vs Lean

How you wear your vest is not the only thing to pay attention to. The scale of the fur is equally important. For example, if what you want is long, flowy fur, be extra selective. Especially if your have a limited budget. Yes, you can find many lavish-looking faux fur vests women designs on the market, but those usually come with pricier tags. If you are limited on the budget, be extra careful as less expansive and shabby chic can easily become a cheap and trashy look. Your best option would be sheared faux fur. It is less expensive and usually expresses a more upscale and more conservative look. However, a sheared faux fur is not the best option if you have a tiny frame.

The Perfect Secret Ingredient To Any Outfit

Faux fur vest and denim and boots are simply said, best friend forever. Don’t you agree? It is a timeless combo, but fur vests perfectly pair with other clothing as well. For example, pair a faux fur vest with a floaty dress and knee-high boots and you’ve got a fab look. The vest is that secret ingredient that will make the dress look not that simple and casual.