Hydro Excavator Truck Is An Invaluable Piece Of Equipment

The hydro excavator is designed to handle the most challenging and the toughest excavating jobs. It is a powerful and durable machine that is used in many industry sectors like construction, mining etc. The high efficiency and high powered hydro excavator truck makes any tough job to be completed easily and in efficient manner. Designed to operate on different terrains including frozen and unstable grounds, this machine will deliver more power to you. The standard hydraulic excavator use a water system to dig more precisely and to identify current underground utilities such as fiber optics, gas lines, so they can be easily avoided. It reduces the downtime by eliminating the delays which are caused by cutting unexpected cables and wires. 


Although it’s strange how a truck that use air and water as primary tool could be more useful than a standard digging machine, the hydro excavator truck is the real proof . With many advanced and innovative features, this machine has become vital piece of equipment for many construction projects where precision and powerful performance is needed. When under pressure, air and water can cut hard surfaces like the backhoe loaders but with more precision and control. This is the main benefit of the hydro excavator truck. Since the water pressure can be adjusted and pinpointed to act like a water ‘knife’, the hydro excavator is a powerful digger that can be used in complex digging projects like trenching, pot-holing, shoveling around cables, pipelines and tree roots, as well as digging holes in small areas where large equipment cannot be used. Simply said, the hydro excavation is a perfect method for any complicated digging task.

There are three basic requirements for efficient results:

  • Water – There must be a close source of water like water container or truck, a nearby lake, a pond, or a working fire hydrant. The machine can also be connected with a hose to a water reservoir.
  • Accessibility – A project cannot be completed if the machine can’t reach the working site easily. Although immediate vicinity is the best, you can still use this machine but you have to determine the distance. If the distance is very big, the water pressure will be lower. That is something that needs to be considered.
  • Dumping – Appropriate place where all the water and debris will be dumped is also needed. If there is no dumping place, the processed water will have to be taken away by truck.