Hyster Forklifts Maintaining Tips

Hyster is a well-known name on the market for material handling machines. The Hyster forklifts are considered as some of the finest that can be found on the market. With compact and innovative design, these forklifts can guarantee efficient operation and low operational costs. The Hyster forklifts are described as extremely flexible and versatile machines which can be used for handling tasks in warehouses or major production facilities. But like any other machine that deals with heavy-duty tasks on a daily basis, the Hyster forklifts need to be maintained properly for smooth and quick operation.


If you already own a Hyster forklift, you surely know that proper maintenance is a must. Such maintenance is very important if you don’t want to end up with major machine breakdowns which can cause delays in your work. Work delays means lower profits. Therefore, keep in mind that the Hyster forklifts need to be regularly serviced and maintained in order to perform at optimum levels.

Consider the following useful tips for proper Hyster forklifts maintenance:

1. Determine the maintenance schedule.

Consider the following factors in order to determine the maintenance schedule:

  • Age
  • Condition and value
  • Hours of operation
  • Safety requirements
  • Past maintenance history (if available)

By taking all these factors into consideration along with your needs, you can easily determine the maintenance schedule (daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually).

2. Hire a maintenance personal.

It is always a good idea to have a team which is going to be responsible for the forklift maintenance. Consider hiring a quality maintenance employees who will maintain your Hyster forklifts in a good working condition. They will take care of the daily tasks, such as oil, water and tires checks.

3. Fleet insurance.

The best way to protect your machines is by insuring them. This way, you will protect your fleet in a case of accidents or major breakdowns, so it is a wise decision to have an insurance policy. When speaking about the Hyster forklifts, the manufacturer provides its own insurance policy.