File with Style: Ideas for a Modern File Cabinet

What the coffee table is for the living room and the counter for the kitchen, that’s what a file cabinet is for a home office. Or in other words, a purposeful piece of furniture that can also function as a stunning design element. That is, if you choose right. If you opt for a boring, average file cabinet, it won’t matter how much design savvy the rest of your office is. And you don’t want such an eyesore in your home, do you? It should stay where it belongs – in your accountant’s office. So, off you go shopping for a modern file cabinet!

Modern File Cabinet

Of course, you will come across plenty of generic models coming in neutral colours and in nondescript designs. But among all that mundaneness, a modern file cabinet that has the power to add some stylish flair to your space is sure to pop right out. How about an industrial style cabinet? Home offices are all about being hard-working, so there’s no more suitable style than industrial, am I right? Even if you’re not considering to entirely adopt this style,  industrial file cabinets can give the office space a distinctive edge. If you have a love for eccentric things, go for a completely metallic design, or worn out one in a rustic black colour.

Modern File CabinetIf you have plenty of chaos to take care of in your home office and want to put functionality first, consider a file cabinet with plenty of drawers. This way, you can built a strict filing system where documents are organized into separate categories. You can even add your own creative twist to a modern file cabinet – labelling each drawer on the outside. Not only can this create a whole new dimension of order, but it will also introduce a sense of fun to a rigid office setting.

Modern File Cabinet 3

Offices can sometimes be too tight for a large and imposing cabinet. If you still need an awful lot of storage space, two small cabinets are always better than a single bulky one. You can place one near the desk and mask the second one as a coffee table. If you can squeeze a sofa right next to it, it will instantly cosy up the space and make for a more relaxed working atmosphere. Because the office space does not allow for many ways to introduce décor pieces, you can also use a file cabinet for placing a stunning vase or a charming lamp, for instance. A modern file cabinet masked as a coffee table also works great for open floor plans and homes where the living room is the place where work is done.