Ideas on How to Surprise the Vegans in Your Life

Though veganism isn’t as new as some may think, the fact that it’s become quite the trend has simplified a great deal of things. Since I am not vegan myself, not so long ago, I used to find it difficult to cook for loved ones who are vegan since there are so many ways one can make a mistake. Also, I used to find it very hard to shop for vegans as the options were limited.

vegan gifts


However, grocery and various other types of stores have started to abound in vegan products much to my relief so I no longer struggle when it comes to choosing a surprise gift for the vegans in my life. If you too need some ideas, take a look at the following suggestions.

A Treat for Their Palate and Eyes

Every special moment in life deserves a special treat: chocolates! Edible blooms can make for the perfect gift as they are not only a bouquet, yet, not only a box of chocolates. That being said, a vegan hamper filled with healthy plant based chocolates, which are also organic, gluten and dairy free are sure to make your beloved vegans happy.

vegan hamper


What I love about hampers, besides the eye-catching designs, is the fact you can always throw in more delights if you think the chocolates aren’t enough; for instance, you can fill them with fruits to further enrich the taste, a jar cake, or a drink (a fine bottle of wine would do) you know they can’t resist as a finishing touch. In general, stores themselves can offer you to boost your bloom by adding various types of chocolates. You can also go for an assortment of only floral fruits if you know your friend avoids cocoa or some other ingredient. End up personalizing with a card and you got yourself a perfect gift!

The Gift of Relaxation

In this day and age, we’re all familiar with daily stress more than ever, and sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of relaxation. You can remind your dear one to make time for relaxation by gifting them with natural soybean candles they could burn beside their bathtub, or whenever they want to enjoy a candle-lit dinner.

vegan candles


What’s great about this type of candles is they’re as vegan as can be, and they’re famous for being a much better alternative to paraffin candles as they don’t emit toxic chemicals meaning they don’t pollute indoor air, and they burn slower so the user can enjoy the light longer. If you want to make things more interesting by awakening their creative side, you could get a candle-making kit instead so they have fun making their own soy candles.

A Cookbook

vegan cookbook gift


Since this person in your life at one point has already decided to change their diet, chances are they already know how to enrich their daily menu, however, a special cookbook full of unique recipes is always a welcome addition. In fact, if you are opting for a vegan hamper, you can throw in a cookbook to enrich its contents. Make sure the book contains meal ideas from all over the world to increase the chances that they find things they haven’t tried making yet.

An Alternative to Plastic

zero waste gift


If apart from being vegan when it comes to diet, your close one is also trying to change their lifestyle as to be more eco-friendly, then gifts that have to do with sustainability and zero waste are a great option. For instance, you could add sustainable utensils in the vegan hamper, it could be anything – from bamboo forks and spoons, to stainless steel straws.

A Self-Care Set

vegan self care gift


We could all use a little bit of pampering every now and then, and it doesn’t have to take up too much time – sometimes all you need are just 5-10 minutes to unwind when you take a shower. Providing your vegans with self-care sets that consist of organic shampoos, conditioners, creams, masks, scrubs and serums would certainly motivate them to turn to pampering more often and reap the benefits of such natural products.

A Set of Accessories

vegan accessory gift


If you think you might go wrong with the other gift ideas, why not look for vegan-related accessories? Nowadays, there are endless options of earrings, bracelets, pins, as well as caps with interesting vegan messages that your loved ones can wear proudly, combining them with their outfits.

If your budget allows it, you could opt for a pricier accessory in the example of a vegan leather wallet, a cardholder, a bag with lots of storage compartments, a watch, boots, sneakers or a jacket. The options are abundant because many popular brands nowadays try to tend to the needs of vegans with suitable products.