International Trucks Keep You Moving Forward

International Trucks is among the best truck manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1902, International Trucks has a history full of innovations. Today, the company operates through an extensive network of more than 1,000 dealerships in America, Canada and Mexico. Light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, as well as customized truck solutions, International Trucks can keep you moving forwards regardless of your application. The trucks by International Trucks are described as fuel efficient, reliable and innovative.

International Trucks
image: trucks4u

With the development of the advanced transmission system, called automated manual transmission, International Trucks set a new standard in the trucking industry. The advanced transmission maximizes the fuel economy and the performance of the trucks. Thanks to this transmission system, the drivers can experience fuel savings for about 30%. The trucks from this brand reduce the driver fatigue to a great extent because the drivers don’t change gears manually.

Every truck from International Trucks comes with innovative and comfortable cabin. Equipped with innovative features, the cabin provides a comfortable environment for the the drivers. Beside high comfort level, the cab designed by International Trucks offers other advantages in terms of safety and increased productivity.

The class 8 trucks from International Trucks are built to last. The company has designed its trucks with remarkable features for superior performance. Here are few significant benefits that can help drivers to reach their full potential:

Fuel Savings: International Trucks takes pride for fuel efficiency. Equipped with powerful engines, the trucks from this American brand guarantee excellent performance and significant fuel savings. Also, the trucks are lighter when compared with the trucks from other brands, but offer incredible horsepower and torque.

Greater Safety: The Bendix Wingman Advanced is a safety feature that protects the drivers from accidents before they happen. It uses audible and visual alerts to warn the driver to press the brakes if the truck gets too close to an object.

Stay On Track: For quick and easy transportation, International Trucks has included a navigation system in all trucks. The system is called Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND. This system provides accurate and detailed routes, along with prognostics, tire-pressure monitoring and a fault code. This system also reminds the drivers when the truck needs to be serviced.