Isuzu Dmax Accessories: Prepare Your Ride for Off-Road Adventure

Those that have taken part in an off road adventure with their own vehicle are aware that preparing a 4×4 for the outdoors is not an easy task. Fortunately, you have a community of like minded people to provide experience-derived advice. And since there are many others looking for similar upgrades we have great options on the market for aftermarket parts.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to the parts acquisition list. Some go straight for engine throttle controllers, but that’s not usually the case with Isuzu D-Max owners. Isuzu D-Max is already a formidable SUV when it leaves the factory, however there are a thing or two which can be further tweaked. Here are some of the best Isuzu Dmax accessories to invest in.

dmax accessories

Bonnet Protector

This is one of the first Isuzu Dmax accessories you go for if appearances are of great importance to you. It’s a part designed to prevent unnecessary damage to the front hood from road debris. This can be a stray insect headed for your windshield, too. But in essence, you are protecting the bonnet from small rocks and similar debris able to chip away paint. Just make sure the bonnet is right fit for the exact make and model of you Isuzu. This will improve your chances of obtaining a protector which can be installed without drilling holes.


While the bonnet protector utilizes directed airflow to deflect rocks coming from the road ahead, you need a different strategy to protect the rest of your chassis. Installing snake flares placed above your tires will help keep small rocks within the inner lips of your wheels. You need to pick a tough material that is able to withstand the beating from incoming projectiles. Some go for fiberglass, which is not the best idea. Fiberglass can be great for structural stability, but it does crack if stress is applied at many different points. Better go with tough, but flexible material like purposefully designed plastic.

And keep in mind, flares are not there only to keep the sides of your 4×4 spotless. They are also used to make you compliant with the Australian vehicle standard on safety which prevents tires extending beyond the rim of the vehicle.

isuzu dmax aftermarket accessories

Running Boards

These are the type of Isuzu Dmax accessories that will complete the protective barrier between the road and your chassis. They are practically connecting two flares at the lowest level of the chassis. Running boards serve as a side step for entering the vehicle (and hopefully getting rid of dust and mud before entering the cabin). Even more important than this is the protection they provide from road debris coming from the sides. To be able to perform these roles running boards have to be heavy duty and built from quality materials. Aluminum is popular choice and checkered plate (or a variation thereof) is used to create a non slip surface.

Towing Mirror

Once the outline of the 4WD is protected, it’s only natural to go for recovery gear. Off road driving can be quite taxing on the vehicle and as you may well know yourself, at least someone in the group ends up being towed. While winches and recovery tracks are fairly generic, recovery equipment like towing mirror is not. You need to make sure you have an extendable towing mirror for your model. It’s there to provide increased visibility when towing someone and to improve overall road safety. Some are even fitted with orange indicators so you can signal your intentions to the rest of the traffic around you. You need to get rid of the original mirrors to install them, but once you do it, you will get greater functionality. It’s the best way to get wide angle.

isuzu dmax aftermarket accessories

Roof Rack

Another aftermarket part you want to make sure is made specifically for an Isuzu D-Max is a roof rack. You can go for any roof rails – there are plenty of those out there. The issues you can come across include challenges regarding proper installment and load capacity. Putting just any pair of roof racks on your vehicle requires precise measuring, drilling and adjustments. If you shop for roof rack which is manufactured for your model you can install it without drilling and following straightforward measurements.

Same goes for the load capacity. If the roof and the rack are incompatible you can overload the vehicle and this can result in damages. While this is certainly possible with appropriate roof rack, you are spared from endless calculation as to the amount of cargo that goes up there. A roof rack designed according to the specification of the chassis frame is your best bet against overloading.

Some Final Thoughts

These are some of the basic off road upgrades you can make to your Isuzu 4×4. Some might to focus on the interior as well. For example, you can go for greater comfort by installing a toolbox with drawers or you can soundproof your car and prevent unwanted noise. You can also go for sun shades (UV protection) or get loads of camping equipment like chairs, tents and stoves. It all depends on the amount and type of gear you already have and on the places you want to visit. The level of preparation has to resemble the style of off road driving you are up for. If you want to spend a weekend fishing, or camping with your family you can do some light preparations. But if you want to penetrate deep into the outback and spend weeks there, your Isuzu has to be in top shape.