It’s Wine O’Clock: Order Wine Without Even Leaving Your Bed

Wine is that it improves with age: the older you get, the better you like it. This delicious drink not only tastes good but also benefits your health in so many ways. Research shows that drinking an occasional glass of red wine may prolong your lifespan, protect against heart disease, harmful inflammation and other conditions. Both red wine and white wine have found their place in tasteful home-cooked recipes, while crafty housewives also use them for cleaning purposes.

Whatever your reason for buying wine is, you always need to have a few bottles in stock. A quiet night at home after a busy day at work or a gathering with friends to impress your guests with your stylish table settings are perfect occasions to open a bottle of wine. Even better if you don’t have to leave the house to get it.
wine table setting

Fortunately, you can find a good online wine store Australia wide that can deliver your favourite goods to your doorstep. Online shopping requires minimal energy (you can shop from the comfort of your bed) and still delivers on all the perks.

Can Wine Be Ordered Online?

Whether you’re always busy and don’t have time to go to the local shop, or you simply got used to the convenience of online shopping, ordering wine online has never been easier. Bringing the heavy bottles safe home can also be challenging. A specialised and well-stocked wine store can be a lifesaver when it comes to ordering good quality wine.

Before you choose your wine store, make sure to do thorough research. To find a specialised and well-stocked online wine store Australia wide, you need to compare their products selection, prices and services they offer. A good wine store should not only guarantee the quality of their products, but it should also offer special deals and membership, wine club and other services that can inform you about discounts and club at wine store

Your online wine store should provide real information about the products they are selling, including reviews, information about events and other interesting content such as recipes with wine. If you become a subscriber, your wine shop might offer you a selection of secret deals for the best prices.

Browse Through Their “Shelves”

Some wine lovers know what they are drinking, and they search for that specific product, while others love experimenting and discovering new tastes. You can use the search category to find the exact product you are looking for, or browse through the entire collection to see what they are offering. The well-stocked wine stores allow you to browse through categories, price, region and winery. This way, you can easily find the product you want to order.

A good wine store provides detailed information about their wines, besides the price. For example, if you come across a Ben Murray Barossa Valley Grenache 2017, besides the basic information that is the name, winery, year and price, a good wine store should provide a short description of its taste. Learning about this warm and engaging Grenache’s taste, packed with spice and cedary, red and black fruits, spice, shortbread, and a heap of oak might help you with your decision.

wine sommelier tasting wine

The bigger the selection of wine and the more detailed the description, the easier it is for everyone to find its favourites. And when you are not sure about a certain product or policy, you can always ask for advice.

Ask for Advice

Although shopping for wine online can’t be the same as having an interaction with a person in a retail shop, you can still build a virtual relationship with your wine professionals. Sometimes, you might need some help when choosing the best Australian sparkling wine. Most of the online wine stores that are well proven and have deep knowledge in what they do and sell can help you through the process as a real sommelier can. This is why it’s important to order from a wine shop that offers a personalised service with experienced wine nerds.

australian sparkling wine glass pouring

As you respond to offers or email about customer service issues, you are likely to establish a longterm relationship with someone, as they can learn what you like and dislike, making your shopping experience unique and enjoyable.

What About the Shipping

Your wine store might offer you free shipping, especially if you order more bottles. Make sure that the store you choose uses the specialised wine delivery network at Australia Post, so it can safely deliver the goods to your home or desired location. When you receive the goods, a signature might be required from you for security purposes.

You can also select your wine to be left in a specific location, i.e. under the verandah, behind the side gate or the dog kennel if no one is home. The best online wine store provides fast shipping, good service, and returning on products. If you are not happy with the wine, they should be able to replace the product or refund your money, whatever you choose.