Key Operating Information for Toyota Forklifts

Forklifts are indispensable pieces of equipment for moving heavy loads in industrial environments. For over 100 years, these machines/vehicles have been ensuring easy, fast and efficient completion of various tasks. Over the years, new technologies have been developed and implemented raising safety and quality standards. And due to the high demand, manufacturers are ‘forced’ to continually impress their customers with new and improved designs. But one brand seems to stand out and has succeeded to keep their standards of value high and accurate – Toyota.


Toyota is the leader in material handling equipment. The brand is the synonym for superior safety, high efficiency, innovative technologies and top quality products. Moreover, the innovative design and product reliability of Toyota forklifts are able to meet all warehousing and material handling requirements representing an incredible money value in a long run.

Additionally, being aware of the dangers of a not skilled operator operating a heavy equipment such as a forklift, Toyota offers training programs to ensure proper and safe operation of its forklifts. In order to be qualified to operate a Toyota forklift, it is best for your employees and yourself to take the necessary training. But, if you are looking to just get informed, below are key operation facts for Toyota forklift.

Training requirements – The recommended requirements state that the operator must be at lest twenty years old. He also must pass an eye exam and a practical test. However, these requirements can vary depending on location of the site, nature of your business and state. Generally all training programs are pretty much the same and offer thorough and detailed training which will ensure safe operation of your Toyota forklift.

Safety gear – A proper Toyota forklift operation also requires for the operators to wear safety gear. These include: eye glasses to protect your eyes from flying objects that can hurt your vision; acid-resistant boots to protect your feet; durable gloves to protect your fingers from flying debris and also to ensure safe control of the forklift equipment.

Operating controls – Toyota forklift has many different operating controls. The brake pedal is similar to a car brake pedal. The forward/reverse lever is used to change directions. The accelerator pedal is located to the right side of the brake pedal. The lift lever is used for moving the lift up/down. The tilt lever to tilt the mast back/forth. It is important to learn how to use the operating controls to successfully operate a forklift.

Getting on and off – Most forklift injuries are a cause of getting on and off of the machine. To ensure superior safety, always use the handles to get into the forklift and avoid using the controls as a way to help yourself to get up or down.