Kids Fashion: How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Daughter

It’s true that kids grow up really fast, so they don’t wear their pieces of clothes for a long time. Nevertheless, we all know that there is no amount of common sense that will stop us from buying beautiful girls clothes for our little ones, even if it isn’t particularly cost-effective. Until the time comes when your daughter develops her own taste in fashion, style is completely up to you. So, of course, you are going to look for clothes that will make your princess look like the most beautiful girl in the world.

But every parent knows that buying clothes for your children isn’t as straightforward as it appears, and the fact that kids grow up incredibly fast isn’t the only issue. While finding cute clothes for your daughter shouldn’t be difficult considering all the manufacturers out there, finding something that’s of good quality can be something else. But, even more importantly, kids’ clothes need to be safe and comfortable, made from materials that won’t irritate your daughter’s skin in any way.

That being said, the best thing you can do when shopping for girl clothes is to be smart about it and restrain yourself from buying everything cute you see, because, let’s face it, girl clothing looks simply adorable! Instead, you should buy strategically. In order to do that, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you go shopping for girls clothes.

Prioritise Good-Quality


The most important thing you should consider when buying clothes is always the quality of the materials. And this is even more important when the material will be in contact with the very gentle skin of your child. While spending too much money on toddler girls clothes isn’t the smartest thing to do, you should always aim for the best quality you can get, because infants’ and toddlers’ skin is extremely sensitive.

Buy from reliable manufacturers that use soft, natural fabrics that haven’t been treated with harsh chemicals. The best fabrics for kid’s clothes include organic cotton, softer types of wool, like merino, organic bamboo, etc. Look for these fabrics to make sure the clothes are not going to irritate your daughter’s skin. Good-quality, soft fibres will also ensure that the clothes are comfortable, which is another vital thing to consider.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to choosing clothes for kids, if it comes down to choosing either style or comfort, you should without a doubt always choose comfort. Thankfully, this won’t really be an issue, as you can always find a perfect mix of the two.

Maintenance and Safety


And, when talking about comfort, also don’t forget about yours, and only buy clothes that are machine washable and durable. To prolong their life, also learn how to take care of them, and for your child’s skin, choose gentle detergents.

Aside from the material itself, like when you are buying soft toys for your infant or your toddler, you should also make sure that the clothes you buy for your child are completely free of hazards, according to your daughter’s age. For this, you should avoid buttons, ribbons, or anything that can fall off the piece of clothing that your child could swallow.

Size It Right


The most important thing you should consider when choosing girls clothing items, of course, is your child’s growth. So, when you find a clothing item that you like very much, you should buy it in a bigger size. The obvious reason for this is because your child will overgrow it at, what will seem like an impossible speed. But also, since when we are buying clothes for our child, the style is more for ourselves, you’ll be able to enjoy it longer.

Of course, if your daughter is old enough, you should let her express her style, and learn more about it with your help. Or to let her develop her style, you can choose a few outfit options and let her decide herself, or create the outfits together, etc.

Feel Free to Choose a Few Stylish Items


You can feel free to buy a few fashionable high-quality clothing items that you can use in different outfits, and preferably ones that your child can wear for some time. With pieces of clothing that you’ll be washing all the time, like t-shirts, for instance, you can try to go a little bit cheaper – but always make sure they are quality and safe. This way you can splurge on a fancy outfit or two, as well as on dresses, skirts, shorts, pants or something else that she won’t be wearing as often.

So, go ahead and invest in a few really beautiful, unique, fashionable garments, to make yourself happy, but try not to go overboard. If you can, find adjustable clothes that can “grow” as your child grows, so she can use them longer. Furthermore, have not only your storage space but also mother earth in mind and try not to add a lot to the textile waste. Once your child overgrows her clothes, take everything that has survived, and that can be a lot, and pass it down to the daughter of a loved one, or donate it.