Knives: Essential Tools for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Knives: Must-Have Tools for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor knives


Spending time outdoors is a great way to connect with nature, escape a crowded city and refill your batteries. Recreational outdoor activities we enjoy now, originated in ancient times when man needed to hunt and find shelter to survive. Nowadays, it’s just the desire to spend time breathing clean air and gazing at amazing mountain views. All you need is a tent, sleeping bag, food and water, flashlight, backpack and of course, a good knife.

The first cutting tools ever made were used for hunting and defence. They were mostly made out of stones. Later the whole process evolved into making knives out of bronze and iron. And today, you have laser-cut blades that are lightweight and affordable. You’d be surprised by the many types of outdoor knives available for you to buy and carry with you on your next adventure.

Camping Knives

Camping knife


Camping means you are out there in the woods with nothing but you and your equipment to rely on. So, having the proper tools will make the whole camping experience safe and enjoyable. A camping knife is a versatile tool that can be helpful in any kind of situation. It’s useful for when you want to cut some branches to clear a path, or for cutting rope and putting up the tent, skinning and cutting vegetables or meat and preparing food. In other words, a knife is part of the essential camping gear every outdoorsman should have.

If you want to save on storage space in your backpack, you could get a camping knife that features a clip blade, fork, and spoon, making it perfect for on the go and outdoor dining. When you slide the handle apart, you’ll get a separate knife, fork, and spoon. Sliding the handle again will transform the knife, fork and spoon into a pocket knife that you can easily store in your pocket or backpack. You can find this kind of all-purpose tool at a well-stocked knives store and get the solution for a variety of tasks around the camp and on the trail.

Survival Knives

Cutting wood with survival knife


Survival knives are some of the most essential hunting accessories. However, even if you go on a simple backpacking adventure, they can come in handy for things like cutting and carving wood and defence. They are a must if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

At first, survival knives were the same as the standard kitchen knives or knives used by butchers. The whole design was very simple. The blade and two pieces of wood stuck to the bottom of the blade that serves as a handle. That’s it. Now you have knives that fold, with a fixed blade, knives with a fire starter, knives with fixed light and a leather sheath. A lot of improvements were made and now you can find a pocket-size survival tool that can be easily carried on your belt and whipped out in no time when the need arises.

Opposite of the pocket-size survival knife is the machete. A survival knife that’s way bigger, the machete was used mostly by the military, explorers and outdoorsman in the 1930s. But even modern-day outdoorsmen can find great use from it. It can be used as an axe, to cut off branches or wood and it’s in the group of long-bladed knives with a length between 30 and 45cm. It can be found at any good knives shop.

As you can see, investing in a good blade is the smartest thing to do if you spend a lot of time in nature. The options you can find at a brick and mortar or online knives store are endless. Eventually, you might even start your own knife collection to impress a person or two with some cool blades.

An online knives store offers you the whole shopping experience without having to be physically there. You can order whatever you need, pay with your card and have it delivered to your home address. There is no limitation on what you can buy online, so why not order some impressive knives for your unique collection?

Collectible Knives

Collectible knives


It’s a great time to be a knife collector, or any kind of collector actually. Going to diverse vintage and modern stores to find objects is now replaced with online research and credit card payment.

There aren’t any limitations or rules you need to follow to become a knife collector. It just depends on what you find beautiful and in what you want to invest your time and energy. You can assemble an amazing collection of knives that your friends can enjoy while visiting, or eventually leave the whole collection as part of the family inheritance. The price of knives and collections rises with the time passing, so your hobby can even become something profitable, especially if we’re talking about high-quality knives with outstanding design. Collecting knives can be just as satisfying as collecting painting and sculptures.

Here are some collection-worthy knives to consider: Boker Stockman Classic Damascus Folding Knife, Rambo Last Blood Bowie, Schrade Old Timer 2 Piece Scrimshaw Knife, Yellowhorse Custom Buck 110 Thunderbird Hunter, Spyderco Delica etc.