Trees and Powerlines: Things to Know About Trimming

power line clearance tree trimmingTrees make the ideal addition to a garden, though not many opt for having them when it comes to considering the time and money they’d have to spend tending to their needs. Sure, they require maintenance but thinking of the many advantages they bring about you should think twice before deciding not to plant them.

Believe it or not, trees can increase your home’s value, which comes in handy if you plan on selling it in the future, they improve the air quality, help you cut down on the energy bills since they lower the temperatures in summer, and keep your home warm in winter, they give you privacy, and protect the environment. Simply said trees enhance the quality of life in a community. Need more convincing?

power line clearance tree trimming 3

If you don’t know how to care for trees, you can always rely on specialists who’ve had years of experience in the field of tree care, and can save you from the difficult power line clearance tree trimming. Remembering that trees are your responsibility, you have to provide them with the adequate care, meaning trees near powerlines demand special treatment to avoid accidents, which is something accredited ActewAGL professionals can do for you.

Why hire accredited tree surgeons instead of taking matters into your own hands? Well, apart from the higher risks, as there’s no joke playing with electricity, you may not have all the machinery needed to do the power line clearance tree trimming, nor the proper training for the job.

Cables should be cleared of growth for up to five years following cutting, and know there’s the risk if you do damage the powerline in any way, you would have to pay for it. This isn’t the case when you leave it in the hands of professional tree surgeons, because when they work cutting next to high voltage lines, they can arrange the paperwork for you and shut the electricity down with the company for you.

Your safety and that of your property would be guaranteed. Also, sometimes the specific branches may require a variety of cutting techniques whether climbing or lifting platforms, and that can make trimming even more of a challenge for you, so consider it a well-worth investment hiring specialists.

Moreover, in the bushfire areas of Australia, most regional areas and the Adelaide Hills specifically, branches have to be kept at clearance zone of 0.1 metres. If you’re yet to plant trees, remember to plant them at least 15 metres away from the powerlines, as for the clearance, it increases along with the increase of the voltage and span length of the powerlines.