Kutani Porcelain Exhibits Fascinating Colours And Sophisticated Patterns

Kutani is an old Japanese porcelain that has been used in the early 17th century. According to one legend, people who lived in the Kutani village (known for the golden mines), used unique white stone to make amazing porcelain plates. These Asian plates were known as kokutani. The Kutani people drew motifs of flowers, mountains, birds, water and animals to portray the characteristics of the region where the Asian plates were made. Even though most of these Asian plates have been destroyed over the years, some have survived and continue to amaze people who collect Kutani porcelain pieces.


Just to make it clear, collecting Kutani porcelain is not a cheap hobby. That’s because they are rare. Most collectors look for Asian plates that are made during the time of ”Occupied Japan” – that’s actually the period after the WWII. Several companies began to produce cheaper varieties of Asian plates, since the number of people looking for such plates has increased significantly. Manufacturers today produce amazing copies of porcelain Asian plates by using new technology and designs methods.

In 1810, seven potters decided to re-establish the techniques of making Kutani porcelain. This led to introduction of six new painting techniques. The Mokubei style was developed thanks to the influence of the Chinese painting techniques. Then we have the Yoshidaya style which is known for the colorful patterns made from of green, purple, yellow and dark blue colors. Eiraky style is also popular like the previous styles with its simplistic gold coatings. The Hachirode and Lidaya styles are a little bit different from the original Kutaki patterns, because they include paintings of human figures. Some people are fans of Asian plates made in Shoza style, which is a mixture of all styles that are mentioned above.

There are plenty of stores nowadays, both online and traditional antique shops, where you can find and buy Kutani porcelain. However, you need to find a reputable and authentic dealer. You don’t want to pay a fortune for a plate that is only a good copy. Make sure you find an authorized and reliable dealer, from which you can buy original Kutani porcelain. No other porcelain exhibits such fascinating colors and patterns as the Kutani porcelain. It would be an excellent decoration in any room in your house. If you want to bring a little bit history in your home, then make sure you choose Kutani Asian plates.