Laser Distance Measurer: Ask the Right Questions

Picking and choosing can often equal loosing (money) if proper guidance isn’t applied. This is especially true when it comes to electronic devices that require more than a penny for the thoughts of those who are experienced in the field. For that purpose alone, we’ve put together several aspects that you need to bear in mind before buying your laser distance measurer online.

laser distance measurer


Range is one of the first and foremost aspects you need to consider for this type of investment. You need to have the measurements of the room in mind, the lowest range should not go below 50 meters because the quality will be compromised. The most advanced range measure reaches around 300 meters, but they are too expensive and you should only opt for as much as you truly need.


The option for full color display is the latest and most expensive novelty, but you can at least get one that has illuminated display if you want to ease your way to more clarity when reading the results.


Durability-wise, the trick questions you need to ask are whether the laser distance measurer you’re considering is water-splash proof and dust-proof. This will immediately help you get the whole picture on the device’s quality level. The specification to look for in order to know that a certain laser distance measurer online has these water-splash proof and dust-proof qualities is IP65.


All would be in vain if your device cannot provide you with the accuracy you need. The most advanced type of laser distance measurer comes with accuracy of 1 mm, but if you aren’t aiming for the best and most expensive one, a measurer with accuracy of 2 mm will do just fine.

What Else Is There?

This device is also supposed to be able to remember at least the last 20 measurement so that you can make proper comparison and learn to make quick assumptions in future. Therefore it is important to be mindful and get as much information as you can before making a purchase.

Camera and bluetooth are also an option for the more geeky oriented buyers, but don’t consider them features that make that much of a difference.

Battery type wise, you can opt for either exchangeable or rechargeable and you don’t have to make a big fuss about it, since both options provide longevity.

Some of the additional accessories worth mentioning are the protective laser glasses or you can opt for a tripod if utmost accuracy is one your mind. A remote control is also a nice accessory that might ease your work significantly.

You can also come out as original and very mindful if you consider buying a laser distance measures that doesn’t give out that annoying beeping sound we all hate.