Lead Walking Your Dog

Does walking your dog feel like fighting a battle of strength between the two of you? Or maybe your furry little friend is the one who is walking you? If that is the case, stop right there, you are doing it all wrong. By no means should you let your dog walk in front of you while on the lead, because this is how you are reinforcing in his mind that he is the alpha here. Remember, the leader always goes first.

Not sure if you are doing it right? Think about it, the last time you took your dog out for a walk, who led the way out the door? Was your dog following you and watching you for directions, or were you the one following him? Was he smelling where and when he pleased? Well, if you have no idea what to do while your dog runs and pulls on the lead as if ghosts were chasing him while on your daily walk, it is time to master the dog walk.

Lead Walking

First Things First: Get the Right Dogs Lead

This is the best and most essential tool you need. But with so many options available, selection can be overwhelming though. How do you choose the right one for your dog? The Standard dog lead is the most common, but this is for dogs without obedience problems. And yours is giving you hard time, isn’t he? The best dogs leads for you would be the Retractable and Adjustable types because they enable you to adjust the length of the leash depending on how much freedom of movement you want to allow your dog.

To make dog walking more pleasant for you as well as for the people around you, make the dog lead short. Attaching the lead to the top of your dog’s neck will help you guide, correct and communicate with your dog easier. You can either go online and browse the vast array of different types of dogs leads, or visit some of the local pet stores, it is all up to you. If you are having doubts what kind of dog lead to get for your furry little friend, look up the internet to find what types of leads are most suitable for certain types of dogs.

Walk In Front Of Your Dog

Walking in front of your dog will make him see you as the pack leader. Similarly, if he is the one who controls you, he will consider himself the pack leader. And you do not want him to think that by no means. No, no. The next time you go out, be the first one out the door and the first one to get in. Make sure your dog is either beside you or behind you during the walk. However, every time he starts pulling on the lead, stop walking. Plant your feet closely and hold tight on the lead until he stops. You are the boss.

Reward Him

After your dog has successfully maintained the proper state of mind and has obediently walked beside or behind you, show him a little love and reward him. Allow him to sniff around and relieve himself. But remember, it is you who needs to decide when reward time is over. Make sure it is less time than the time spent focusing on the walk.

Keep on Leading

Even after you are done with the training, keep on leading on your way home. Once you get there, have him patiently wait while you take off your shoes and put away his leash.