Let Your Outdoor Area Feel the Real Holiday Spirit

Holidays, holidays, holidays! It’s the “ho ho ho” time of the year and we’re all screaming with excitement (at least I hope I’m not the only one). Am I right? My playlist is literally filled with hundreds of Christmas songs and I’m jingling all day long at work, at home or when I’m going to the gym. This means I’ve already listened to “Oh Christmas Tree” more than fifty times in the past two weeks. Yep, I’m that obsessed with Christmas! This also means that I started infusing my home with the jolly spirit when two weeks ago I slowly started incorporating all the Christmas elements and decorations that are giving the home a shiny and colorful festive feel. However, since my Melbourne home has a biiiiiig backyard and that’s the place where I gather around all my family for the holidays, I thought it would be cool to make a real Christmas wonderland that will bring magic to my outdoor area and will entertain my loved ones. I’m not a fan of abundance, so with just a few elements and decorations I gave my outdoor space the cutest holiday cheer and I recommend you to do the same with a few simple tips.


New Plants

Since we’re talking about the outdoors, adding a new green friend to the space is always a great idea. I managed to find a really cheap plants Melbourne online store that offered a great variety of backyard-friendly flowers and trees. For my backyard I chose a Magnolia grandiflora “Little gem” that turned out to be the perfect outdoors Christmas tree. It’s a fact that the holidays can easily empty our pockets in a matter of minutes once we see something Christmas-y calling our name from the shop window, and that’s what was happening to me for the last five Christmases in a row. This year I decided to spend the holidays “the cheap way” and so far it’s working for me. Even though I bought many things so far, just like the cheap plants Melbourne store where I got my Magnolia tree from, I try to find shops that will give me awesome products for little money. Now I don’t say this journey is easy (it really really isn’t), but it’s oh so worth it.


Light Up

We all know how important lights are for this time of the year. They bring such a magical touch to a joyous occasion such as Christmas and will immediately liven up your living space, be it the indoors or the outdoors. I turned my porch into a fairy-tale entrance decorating it with red Poinsettias and yellowish lights and I don’t want to brag about it, but my porch doesn’t look just great and cute, it looks absolutely stunning. Also I used some colorful lights for the backyard by draping them across the dining area so they are ready to light up the space when my family comes over for the traditional Christmas dinner.

Decorate, Decorate

Now I wanted to add some creative flair to my backyard with simple holiday decorations for a full jolly experience. I wanted to stick to the traditional Christmas colors – red and green, so I bought some cheap red and green baubles that came in many different sizes and I used them to decorate the fence and the laundry line. This little detail gave such an impressive festive feel to my outdoors area and it revived the whole décor of my yard.

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you get to enjoy it at home with all its delightfulness and all the warm-smelling holiday meals. The Christmas holidays are all about family, friends and in general, love. Make your home feel loved just like you’re going to make your family feel loved during the holidays and give the festive decorations a go. After all, it’s only a few weeks a year, so make the most out of them. Happy holidays!