Life Without Limits Book Review

Life Without Limits book is an amazing and very inspiring book written by the incredibly inspirational man Nick Vujicic. For those who do not know Nick Vujicic, Nick is a man who was born without legs and arms and has overcome his disabilities through the faith in God. Today Nick lives a fulfilled, independent and “ridiculously good” life, as he says it. Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker, a bestselling author and an evangelist. Also, he is a director of Life Without Limbs, which is an organization specialized in sharing the message of hope and Christ to the whole world. This amazing man is an inspiration to many people in the world who seek to achieve their dreams, no matter if all the circumstances indicate otherwise.

life without limits

Life Without Limits book presents the perspective of life from Nick’s point of view, a man who suffered a lot in his life, both emotionally and mentally. Traveling around the world and spreading the message of hope, Nick Vujicic wants to reach to all people who suffer from some kind of disability, in order to help them live a life to the fullest. Finding the purpose of the life is a difficult task and without faith in God it may be an impossible one. In Life Without Limits book, Nick says that there were long and lonely times when he wondered if there are people like him, suffering the same pain and humiliation. But the strong faith in God has helped him every time to overcome his difficulties.

This incredible man believes that he has found his purpose in life – to inspire others and make their lives purposeful and better. Nick Vujicic has found enough confidence to have a rewarding life without limits and is focused on helping others do the same. That is why he wrote the Life Without Limits book. The book is filled with advices on how to realize a fulfilling life and be happy. Through many life examples, Nick encourages his readers to accept what they were given and instead of thinking about everything they cannot do, to focus on what they are capable of doing. Also, he says that it is very important to build trust in others and develop supportive relationships.

Life Without Limits book inspires people to start living own lives without limits. Readers who have read the Life Without Limits book have nothing but good to say about it. Also, the book has won a CALEB Prize For Faith Inspired Writing in 2011. So, if you want to find out how Nick Vujicic got through all limitations and how to start living your life without limits, read the Life Without Limits book.