Lip Liners – Change the Shape of Your Lips & Make Their Colour Last Longer

You probably have tubes of lipsticks sitting together in a small collection, and there is a good reason for that. Lipstick is on trend again, and brands are celebrating this staple piece of makeup by producing lipsticks in various beautiful colours and finishes. Considering the fact that you already have just about every variation of colour in your arsenal, the thought of adding another lip product to your collection might seem totally unnecessary. However, I ask you to please consider investing in lipsticks’ talented sibling – the lip liner.

What is lip liner for, you may ask? Well, more than just a boundary line for your lipstick, the lip pencil is the subject of a lot of beauty buzz. A lot of famous actresses’ lips are known to be the result of this well-placed product, like Kylie Jenner’s lips. But this isn’t the only reason why I’m suggesting you start indulging in this product. A lip pencil has the power to boost your lipstick game.


No More Smudging

By applying line liner you greatly decrease the chance of your lipstick slipping off your lips and onto your skin, which is one of the things we don’t usually notice until we glance in a mirror… an hour later. A thin line around the perimeter of your lips is really all it takes to prevent this from happening. When it comes to how to match lip liner and lipstick, pick a colour that’s almost identical or a little lighter to blend into your lipstick colour. This will prevent you from mimicking that not-so-cute 80s look, where the liner was actually darker than the pigment of the lipstick.

Get an Awesome Matte Look

If you’ve found a lipstick that is not too shiny yet still super pigmented, consider yourself lucky. It can be quite difficult to find a lipstick that promotes this look. Just line your lips and then fill them with the pencil. If you use a creamier formula, blending this look will be even easier. Considering that most lip liners are super pigmented, this means you’ll be wearing your colour all day long.

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Get Fuller Lips

Applying lip liner can help make your lips look fuller and plumper by highlighting the feature. After applying foundation, dust your lips with the same brush or one that is lightly coated with powder or some kind of foundation. Begin lining your lips and blending in your lip colour. Use a cotton swab with makeup remover to wipe off any stray marks of colour around your lips. Apply powder or concealer around to smoothen your complexion. Getting your skin even is the secret to really see the effects.

You Won’t Have to Buy as Many

While there is an infinite range of lipstick colours (rose, pink rose, dusty rose, creamy rose, etc.) lip pencils don’t generally come in as many colours. That is because they can be combined with a ton of hues; it’s a matter of blending the product and lightly applying it around the perimeter. But you need to make sure you match your liner to the colour as closely as possible. Even if it is a little off, the lipstick colour should be featured enough to mask it. For example, if you choose a nude lipstick look, don’t choose a liner that’s darker than the colour you really want to show off.


Easy to Fix

It is common for a tube of lipstick to snap in half or melt under heat, ending up on the bottom of your handbag. With lip liners, the problem is similar to eyeliners – they get dull after continual use. Fortunately, many lip liners come with sharpeners, which allows you to quickly fix that situation – unlike with lipsticks.

Wondering how to put on lip liner? Here are some tips from makeup artists for you to try.

  • By holding your lip liner at a 45-degree angle, apply short, light-handed strokes. You should avoid creating a harsh line as it will look terrible when your lipstick wears off;
  • If you don’t apply the lip liner straight, it might not look its best. So, when you think you are done, put your chin to your neck and look in the makeup mirror – this will allow you to see the top line from a different perspective and help you even out any edges. For the bottom lip, lift your chin so you can see your neck and then take another look in the mirror. Moving the chin up and down to see all the angles better is a trick that a lot of makeup artists use;
  • If you don’t like the look of the liner but still want your lipstick to stay in place, use a clear, mattifying pencil that will keep your makeup in place without adding extra colour.