Mail Marketing


Having an online presence in today’s Internet marketing expansion is one of the major factors that can drive your company towards success. But, if you are a brick-and-mortar company, your online marketing campaign will most likely be based on physical products and their success on actual markets. So, before you start thinking about Internet marketing campaigns, it is best to sort out your off-line marketing methods. Among these there is one method that companies seem to have overlooked because of obsolete techniques – mail marketing. Mail house services are among the first marketing channels that companies used in the beginning of marketing business orientation. Companies easily incorporated these bulk mail services once they saw their benefits. Even today, mail marketing still holds the same benefits and the fact that many multinational companies use it, shows how great of an impact mail marketing can have on overall sales.


With mail marketing you are able to target even the smallest niche markets with a high rate of success. This is because mail house services  are able to obtain more reliable mailing lists than any online e-mailing list. Contact information confidentiality is taken very seriously and that is why people are not afraid to provide personal information like social number, address or similar. Consequently, your company will have an easy task of matching customer profiles with mailing lists. Also, demographic preferences are less difficult to determine and adjust to your marketing campaign, if you’re using mail marketing.

Intimate relationship

Bulk mailing  can get really get you close to your customers because they will most likely open their mail once they arrive home. These promotional mails can be customized in order to catch customer’s attention and make him/her interested in your product or servise . Compared to email, mail marketing is far more effective in delivering the right message to targeted customers.

Control of results

This type of marketing through mail was considered to lack overview of results. But this has been improved with sending order cards along with the mail so that people who responded are easier to track. Consequently, it is easier to rate how successful the whole mail marketing campaign has been. For instance, certain mail house in Brisbane have tasted how including order cards in mail can help final analysis of your campaign.

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