How To Maintain Wigs And Clip In Hair Extensions Properly

Caring For The Wig

Wigs are becoming increasingly popular, mainly due to numerous celebrity enforcements. They are available in different lengths, colors and styles and can be purchased from various online retailers or specialty stores. Make sure you purchase your wig from a reliable seller, so do a little research on all online retailers and every wigs store in Melbourne. Whether you plan to purchase your wig online or from a reputable wig store in Melbourne, the chances are, it will came in a plastic bag. If your wig is synthetic then it is okay to store the wig in the bag it came in, but if you buy a human hair wig, you should store it in a cloth bag or use a mannequin head.

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Washing – When it comes to washing, there are no set rules on how often you should wash your wig. This depends on numerous factors such as the quality of the wig, the type (synthetic or human hair) and humidity. However, try to wash your wig after wearing it about 10 times. Also, when washing, be gentle. Use specially formulated shampoos and distribute evenly. Wash thoroughly with cold water. Repeat the same process but this time with a conditioner. After rinsing it, pat dry it with a towel and do not blow dry it. Do not twist or squeeze not to ruin the shape of the wig. Before the wig dries completely, try to remove any tangles with a comb. Never place a wet wig on a mannequin head.

Styling – In terms of styling, human hair wig can be styled in the same manner as your own hair. Hot curling a wig is no different than curling your own hair. Use heat as you wish, depending on how long you want to keep the curls looking natural. You can also use hair spray to style your wig, but try to avoid the ones that contains alcohol. It is best to purchase wig styling products from the wigs store in Melbourne you bought the wig from. Even though these products are specially designed for wigs, do not use them very often as they change the original look of the wig. If you bought a synthetic wig online or from a wigs store in Melbourne, know that curling and flat irons are a big no. The heat will melt the synthetic hair. You can use hair sprays to style it, though.

Combing And Brushing – If you bought a curly synthetic wig from a wig store in Melbourne, you shouldn’t comb it because the curls are permanent. In case there are some tangles you want to remove, then pass through it with your fingers. If the synthetic wig is straight, you can use a brush or a comb to brush it, but do not do this often because you can stretch the synthetic fibers and damage the wig. If you have human hair wig, you can brush it, but only with specially designed brushes for wigs. These brushes will not to create tension to the wig which can cause damage.


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