Maintaining the car engine


If we are going to talk about anatomy of the car, an engine is without a doubt the heart of a car. So when you mention car maintenance, it usually refers to preserving car engine at it’s best and doing regular car repairs. Other defects that you may encounter, are in most cases easy DIYs. For example, if you are on the road and get a flat tire – no big deal, replace it with a spare tire. If your battery runs out, call a friend or family member to help you re-charge it or get a new one from the nearest gas station. But, if your car engine sounds funny or can’t ignite , you probably have a serous problem. So addressing these problems ahead of time and before they become fatal is very important. Off course, most of us are not at all experts and cannot determine if the car needs car repairs just by listening to the noise the engine makes. That is why it is always a good thing to learn about common engine problems that car services deal with.

One common problem that occurs with a car engine is damaged oxygen sensor. An oxygen sensor monitors unburned oxygen that comes out of the car through the exhaustion. On the other hand, it also measures how much fuel is used. So if you heave a problem with this sensor, you are most likely getting wrong information about your car’s fuel consumption. Car services don’t cost much for oxygen sensor replacement, but only if you address the problem in time. Leaving it wrecked for some time can eventually lead to damaged catalytic convertor or blown head gasket.

Spark plugs are like nerves in the engine that cause a spark to spread and initiate combustion when you accelerate or start driving. When spark plugs and wires get damaged, you’ll notice that your car does not read your pedal movements right and skips acceleration. There is no particular reason why they get damaged – they are simply disposable parts. Proper mileage on which they should be changed is approximately 160.000 km. Car repairs for bad spark plugs and wires are simple enough that you can do them anywhere with a regular toolbox.

Cylinder heads are a part of a combustion engine that if cracked can cause severe damage. This can even lead to engine replacement, which will most likely cost you your vacation. Cylinder heads are made out of metal and have a smooth surface in order to operate in harmony. If one cylinder head has a crack it can damage other parts in the combustion engine and cause misfire or low compression. In most cases, cracks appear because of engine overheating. Because they are made out of metal, overheating can soften metal and easily create cracks. The solution: take good care of your cooling system and take the car for regular car services. One common mistake most drivers make with overheated engines is that they put water in radiator that leads to a thermal stress. Consequently, cracks appear and you’re forced to do a cylinder head repair.

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