Make Washday More Relaxing: Colour Combinations for a Stylish Laundry Room

The laundry room is a room of the house that’s often overlooked. Seen as only a place where the laundry is done, it usually is left unkempt, undecorated, and dull. To make washday a bit more relaxing, you should consider decorating your laundry room and turning it into a pleasant space you’ll actually like going into and spending some time in.

The laundry room can be a real relaxing haven if you only take some time and dedicate a bit of creativity to it. It’s actually quite easy to do this and this article is going to help you find the perfect colour scheme as well as the perfect laundry unit to match it, both in style and performance. Getting closer to loving, or at least liking, washday doesn’t depend on the look of the laundry room only. It also depends on your washing and drying machine and how everything is set up.

laundry room unit


For starters, you should buy a quality-made laundry unit that will perform well and wash your clothes properly. There are many places you can get such laundry units. Make sure to buy from a reputable company, get the right shape and size for your space and choose a model that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Once you have your perfect laundry room unit it’s time to think about decorations. This is where colour schemes come in. Depending on what you generally like, there is a bunch of different colour combinations you can choose from.

Bright Shades

For those of you who like to keep their space light and clean-looking, bright shades are the way to go. Bright shades are known to have a positive effect on our mood, give off a welcoming vibe, and create an overall feeling of happiness and create a relaxing atmosphere. If you like this idea you can either go for eggshell white, beige, or, for the more bold ones out there, bright teal.

Eggshell White

A classic colour trademark to the elegant and sophisticated home, eggshell white will turn your laundry room from a dull room into one of style and class. Pairing amazingly well with both dark and light wood, depending on the effect you like to accomplish, it’s a shade that allows a lot of details to happen and revolve around it.

bright laundry unit in eggshell color


It also pairs well with glass details, so consider keeping things like laundry detergent, softener, and dryer sheets in big glass jars to round the feeling up. You can also add some greenery within your eggshell white laundry room to help liven things up. Make sure the plants you get, love a moist atmosphere!


Another classic colour in terms of sophistication and style, yet a tad bit warmer than eggshell white, beige is the perfect choice for those with homes following the vintage interior design style as well as the lovers of modern homes with a hint of the good old days.

Beige is also very forgiving when it comes to differently coloured details, but unlike eggshell white, it can handle a bit more contrast better. So, when it comes to decoration, you can use wooden containers or bright, pastel-coloured ones. If you want to keep everything a bit more vintage stick to patterns and deeper shades to round everything up.


Finally, to round up the bright section, we have teal. A bit of a bold colour choice, teal walls will really give your laundry room character, but will also open the door to more interesting additions in fun colours.

teal laundry room


Teal can still look sophisticated if you pair it with light wood and white details, but if you want to keep things interesting, go for colours like magenta, orange, and other contrasting shades that will breathe life into the room and make washday a party.

Dark Shades

For those with an eye for the dramatic dark shades are the answer. They will create a soothing and private atmosphere within your laundry room and will also look great with any laundry units you install. My choices for dark shades are grey, brown, and forest green.

darker laundry room in grey



A sort of transition shade between the lights and the darks, grey can make quite a statement in your laundry room. It’s great because most of the laundry units you can buy will look great paired with this colour.

Grey goes very well with darker woods or dark grey ones for a uniform look, and it can also hold its integrity when details are in order. From white and black to everything in between, grey is accepting and will make sure your laundry room is stylish and clean-looking.


Probably the most traditional colour out there, brown is specific in terms of detailing, but it also gives off a warmth no other shade really can, not even the brightly toned ones.

Pair brown walls with reddish woods as well as light-coloured ones and don’t hold back on the warm-toned accessories. A laundry room, just like a bathroom, needs decoration to make the atmosphere more appealing, even if you don’t spend all your days there.

laundry room


Brown also works great with plants, so you can add a selection of them if you’d like. It will give your laundry a cabin-like feel, which is wonderful, to say the least.

Forest Green

Finally, we have forest green. Much like teal, it’s perfect for those of us who want a splash of colour around. Pair dark green walls with dark woods and details of either porcelain, glass, or wood. Forest green is a rich colour and it’s very sophisticated, so you’ll have no problem maintaining a stylish laundry room with it on your walls.

forest green laundry room


If you want to switch things up, add golden or bronze details here and there, a nice metal laundry basket, and yellow lighting for that complete homely, yet high-style effect.