Mattress Can Really Affect Your Sleep And Health: When Quality Matters More Than Price

For some, comfort of sleep means having enough space to really get in their zone without disturbing their partner. For others, quality sleep is exactly the opposite – having their partner wrapped around them is heaven. But for all of us, having the right mattress is non-negotiable. With or without the partner by our side, sleeping on a soft yet firm enough mattress is a starting clause for getting in bed. Still, mattress prices seem to claim something completely contradictory to this theory: is basic sleeping comfort supposed to be a luxury for some? Or, to pose the question in another form, is sleeping comfort made available only to a small portion of people that can afford it?

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Yes, as much as the question is logical, it is also very subjective; we’re talking about a large industry thriving in a very profit-oriented economy, which ultimately drowns down every logical argument for comfort being available equally to all of us. That being said, let’s see which way should we, as consumers go: compromise on quality to save a few bucks, or risk the few bucks and sleep like babies?

The starting point

Do the basic math: are back pain, body numbness and morning crankiness really worth the few dollars you’ll safe when you choose a cheaper mattress? A good, quality mattress has two important points to consider: support provided by the coils in the springs and comfort provided by the thick, quality padding on top of the mattress. Now, here’s how you measure quality: less coils mean less back support, therefore, more back pain and more negative you. Is it worth it? No. Definitely no.

When sleep is not just a desire, but a medical need
There are people that have medical conditions connected with sleeping like irregular sleep patterns, sleep apnea, anxiety and stress, and not to talk about caffeine, tobacco and alcohol users. These people are the primary group that can’t and won’t care about mattress prices but simply ask for the specifications they’re medically advised to look for. How large is that group of people you ask? Am… all of us?

And finally, let the feeling, not the looks and design be the decisive factor
As cliché as it may sound, looks and design are terrible factors to base your decision of buying a mattress. It will look perfect, will fit your bed frame even better, but when you lie on it, the feeling you’ll have may negatively surprise you. That’s why, you should lay down on every mattress you lay your eye on before you check it’s design, style and dimensions. And in the end, you look at the price tag. That way your mind will do the math with all the right factors taken into consideration and you won’t be sorry later.

When you look at things this way, the conclusion is pretty obvious: there are things you must have on which you can compromise on quality in the name of money, but a sleeping mattress that should last for many years to come, is definitely not one of them.