Men’s Fashion: Building Up Streetwear Looks

As of 2020, we’ve witnessed an even more growing popularity of the comfort casual clothing style than ever before. Luckily, there’s been a style born out more than 50 years ago with the surf culture in California that offers as much stylishness as comfort to adopt the trend – of course, you’re guessing I’m talking about urban wear.

Over the years, there’s been improvement with the designs, thanks to the variety of brands that appeared on the market as well as the style making it to the runways. What’s so appealing about it is the fact it’s all-inclusive, fit for people of any gender or age.

With the availability in stores specialised in streetwear, it’s never been easier to make it part of your lifestyle. One thing you should have in mind, though, is you can’t simply put on whatever casual oversized shirt you have at home and expect it to give you the level of street-cool you’re aiming for. The following are some basic rules that would be of help in pulling off that result.

 bottoms men


Choose Loose, Not Baggy

There’s a difference between loose and baggy. With the various loose bottoms men options, be they shorts, trackpants, cargo pants, cuff pants, and jeans you’d be able to pull off a high end/high street figure-flattering outcome than when wearing baggy clothes that make you look like you’re wearing a sack of potatoes.

Sure, baggy used to be very fashionable back in the noughties but that’s no longer the case. Especially not when you’re older than a teenager, and you stress over your silhouette. The same goes for the tops – instead of buying anything that’s oversized, whether it’s T-shirts or jackets, choose pieces that offer a relaxed fit. For example, a cropped jacket is a much better choice than an oversized bomber.

the cuff pants and jeans


Try Not to Exaggerate

When you’re new to the style, chances are you’re on the brink of overworking it by trying to come up with looks that end up being all too tacky and flashy, consisting of matching anything and everything in the style. Instead of getting the look you’re aiming for, you’d seem like you’re trying too hard to blend in. Keeping it simple is the way to go!

For instance, the cuff pants and jeans of bottoms men wardrobe would seem better being worn with slim-fit long sleeve shirts than oversized hoodies. The trackpants might appear to be a great match for hoodies as well, but if you’re aiming for that grown-up streetwear result, you’d look much better in a combination with a classic denim button-down shirt, besides a crew-neck T-shirt. Now, when it comes to hoodies, don’t be afraid to mix them up with something less “loose” and more “chinos”.



Count on Layering

Layering isn’t only great for getting the needed protection from the weather elements, in fact, it can be your safest way with pulling off incredible streetwear looks working with the pieces you’ve already got. You’d have a great deal of fun coming up with combinations no matter the season.

In the cold autumn and winter days, you won’t be in the wrong if you decide to layer the long urban shirts with knitwear over them, or hoodies plus denim jackets. For more effortless appeal, leather jackets are a nice choice too. Besides keeping you warm, all those layers would add the needed streetwear effect on your outfits.

In case you want to get more swag, why not try a fleece jacket that’s fit even to be worn over tailoring; this combination is also perfect if you aren’t afraid to bring the flair of the streets to your work wear . As for the warm spring and summer days, bottoms men could wear are of course shorts, and the classic combination is with long T-shirts but you can add your own twist to it by tying up a hoodie or a jumper around your waist.

A sweater around your shoulders, tied across your chest, is another suggestion you could give a try. Apart from enhancing your look, it would also come in handy if the temperatures drop when you least expect it!

Footwear Sneakers


Don’t Forget the Footwear

If you want to know what the pieces are that would help you tie the look together, don’t look any further than sneakers. Not only are they comfortable, they’re universal, available in all sorts of designs you could choose from to combine them with the various types of mens bottoms that I’ve already covered, plus the tops, and accessories.

When shopping for men’s sneakers, avoid mistakes like not considering the size, support, or even brand. To keep it classy, and stylish at the same time, the minimal white clean sneakers are a nice bet.

Thanks to the colour, they go well with anything, including your daily and nightly outfits, so if you don’t know how to go about it, and like to play it safe with the style choose the versatile white designs. Instead of choosing to buy cheaper pairs, it’s advisable to spend more on quality that would stand the test of time, much like when you buy premium dress shoes.