Mini Crane Safety Operating Tips


The mini crane is very often underestimated, simply because of its small size. Although small and compact, the mini crane is capable and has the power to do everything what the big cranes can. There many mini crane models on the market and every type comes with similar features and configurations. Like any other construction machine, safe operation of the mini crane is crucial for excellent performance and quality results on the job site. A single and seemingly small mistake can cause serious accidents and delays of the construction project.

The most common mistake many mini crane operators make is not setting up the outriggers, although they are aware of the possible accidents. Each crane needs stability when lifting heavy loads. Without outriggers, the stability of the mini crane is significantly reduced. Even a mini crane can kill you quickly, so taking as many safety precautions as possible is strongly recommended. Read on to find out few mini crane safety operating tips.

Check The Area For Outriggers – Before setting the outriggers, you need to make sure that the area beneath the machine is strong and stable to handle the weight of the mini crane. The outriggers transmit the whole weight of the mini crane to the ground and add an additional amount of pressure. To avoid tipping over, you can put a heavy-duty cribbing under each outrigger.

Inspect The Mini Crane Before Every Operation – Before using the crane, you must inspect the main parts of the mini crane. This is the same inspection like when you buy mini crane for the first time. You need to check every major part of the crane to make sure that they are in good working condition.

Stay Fully Focused – When operating your mini crane, stay fully focused and do not let anything distract you. Avoid using your mobile phone, do not nap between lifts and avoid all kinds of distractions. Operating a crane is a huge responsibility, so you need to make sure that you, your crane and the rest of the construction crew is safe on the job site.

Do Not Misuse It – Many operators are being irresponsible with their cranes and they misuse them. Every mini crane is specifically designed for vertical lifting, not for side loading or some other improper operations. If you misuse your mini crane, its very likely that some parts will require replacement sooner than expected.