How to Master the Art of Decorating a Wall with Modern Art Prints

A wall decorated with art prints can be the cherry on top of an already perfect interior setting. Having a gallery wall might not seem like an essential part of interior design, but when done right it can beautifully complement the space. In the following paragraphs I offer you some tips to jump start your inspiration. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with your own ideas if your instincts lead you in a different direction.

Art Prints

Reflect Your Interests

Art prints give you the perfect opportunity to style your wall in a way that it reflects your interests and passions. So, by all means choose prints that you genuinely love, as they will give your wall collage more personality and depth. Gallery walls that tell a personal story will add the most awesomeness to your space and inspire long talks about the things they portrait.

Connect It to the Whole Design of the Room

Of course, you don’t want to end up with a wall that doesn’t seem to belong there. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s somehow tied to your existing interior scheme. For instance, if your living space is influenced by Scandinavian style, choosing modern art prints that are minimalistic or inspired by common Nordic themes is a great way to design your gallery. If your interior is more on the vintage side, you can use rustic frames as a way to charmingly complement the old-timey atmosphere.

Create a Mix of Similarities and Differences

Usually gallery walls are brought together by some common similarities. But a cohesive print display does not mean it should be entirely uniform in all aspects. In fact, cohesion can be achieved through a variety of factors ranging from a common theme, to artistic style, the colour palette, and even the type of frames. Choose one or two common similarities and spice them up with some contrasts and you’ll get a more stimulating look. For instance, you can hang one piece on your wall that’s in a different shape from all the others. Or, you can use a piece in a colour that makes it pop out from the existing colour palette.

Anchor the Whole Combo

When using a variety of modern art prints, balance and symmetry are key to creating a gallery that works. You can achieve a more balanced look by using a single piece as the focal point of the whole collection. This can be a piece that’s in a different shape, or a piece that is much smaller or much larger than the rest. You can even take a more unique approach and hang something else that will act as a centrepiece. Like for instance a mirror, or a stunning wall clock. Just get inspired and get creative!