Monopoly Alternatives That Also Teach How to Handle Money

The story of how Monopoly became so popular dates back to 1932 when a guy from Philadelphia introduced it to his neighbours. Charles Darrow asked for the set of rules that made up the game and then sold a version of it to Parker Brothers. The rules of Monopoly were written around 30 years prior to the introduction of the first version by a woman named Elizabeth Magie.

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The game she originally created was intended to be played by the masses. It was called The Landlord’s Game and it resembled Monopoly quite a lot. Monopoly was, however, a hit as it sold nearly 300,000 copies in its first year and more than 1,750,000 the following year. We all know how popular Monopoly is today, but despite its popularity, there are still some noteworthy alternatives that some think are better than the original.

What Can You Play Instead of Monopoly?

Pocket Money Game

Although mainly intended for kids, this game teaches people from all walks of life a valuable lesson – how to save money. The Pocket Money game resembles Monopoly a lot but it is easier to play. This makes it a great game to help your kids become familiar with the concept of money. The winner of this game is whoever is able to save 50$ first. Like Monopoly, the Pocket Money game allows kids to use coins and notes to purchase items and make change too.

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Lords of Vegas

A game that is intended for players over the age of 12, Lords of Vegas is based on victory points. It can be played with 2-6 players and whoever has the most victory points and has built the most casinos is the winner of the game. Lords of Vegas is based on the city of Las Vegas in which you need to buy casinos and hotels to form the Vegas strip. The whole game takes around an hour and a half to finish. Unlike the Pocket Money board game, Lords of Vegas is a meant for more mature players.

Lords of Vegas



Building a real estate empire is the main concept of Monopoly but if you are someone who wants to take that to the next level, Catan is for you. This game is all about building your own civilisation, of course with some obstacles along the way. Designed by Catan Studio, you can play this game with anywhere from 3 to 4 players above the age of 10.

Machi Koro

The concept of this game might be the same as Monopoly but it is applied to building your own town. Machi Koro is all about growing your own community through opening shops and providing entertainment for residents to develop your own town. This game can be finished in about 30 minutes and it requires anywhere from 2 to 4 people above the age of 8. The winner of Machi Koro is the one who will make the best deals and build the most landmarks.


If you like building your own community but at a bigger scale, Carcassonne is the board game for you. The name of the game is based on a French medieval city and the concept of it is to build as many roads cities and towns as you can. There are no dice to be rolled and no pieces to be moved since your next move depends on the one you’ve just made.


If Monopoly seems like a short game to you then Risk will rock your world. This long and complex board game is perfect if you love to plan and strategise your every move to the smallest detail. In Risk, the goal is to conquer the whole world – by being the first one to do so you win the game. You can easily expect this game to last about 2 hours and sometimes even longer. This depends on the number of players. Each player has various attack and action cards which makes Risk a classic board game.

Risk game


The Game of Life

The Game of Life has quite a strong Monopoly feel to it as you start with money and build your carrier but this time you’re in a little car. With each turn in this game you reach a milestone in your “life” – getting married, having kids etc. There are also taxes to be paid and a fortune to be built. Manufactured by Hasbro Gaming, The Game of Life is meant to be played by players aged 8 and up with 2 to 4 players at a time. Unlike Monopoly, this game ends when you reach the end of the board – the winner is the one who reaches the end first.

Monopoly Deal

If Monopoly is something that you want to stick to but don’t want to spend hours on end just to finish the game, then Monopoly Deal is the right pick for you. Monopoly Deal has the exact same concept as Monopoly but it is a lot simpler. Here you can only buy and sell proprieties which makes it a much faster game too.